Published on December 19, 2018

Ultimate Redstone Creations [Redstone]

Installation Guides

A good map,maybe i can use it when i'm playing.
Nice One menn I cant believe you made a Part 3 Like Woq ??Keep It Up mann
Plz make it for java edition
Most of them is the same machine used in different ways.
Good map with good machines but the English written on the signs was hard to understand.

7/10 points
Ok some of these are not your ideas. Here is an example. The waterfall splitter door was originally MumboJumbos idea. Don't say that I'm lieing because here's the link to his video!
Yea that was his idea
But it was ported to MCPE by him
MumboJumbo did that ON Java edition and this person recreated it for the Bedrock Edition
I remember me reading the "easy to build" signs -

''Yeah, totally."
This is an amazing Map!!! Nice Builds there
Nice but can you remove the "A button" just type "click the button"
Wow Nice Dude !