Ultra Bedrock Expansion (More Blocks Update!)

Ever wanted more ores in Minecraft? How about TNT and new trees? What about new decorative blocks and food? Or even more slabs and stairs? Well this is the perfect creative or survival add-on as it adds all of the things listed above!

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Added 15 new decorative blocks

Added crystallized honey

Added glow wool, concrete, etc 

Fixed some bugs



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Thats a very cool pack! RESPECT+
The reason I'm giving this a 3 star is because of how laggy it will make your game over time. Mainly, Eagles. They'll get stuck in the ocean and just make your game kinda laggy. Add to that this addon makes your game more laggy than other's I've used so far. Just need in general more optization.
If your thinking of adding this to your survival world, don't. Wait until the next couple updates. Trust me.
This is just some code issue , I will fix that soon . Also if you are using mobile it might be a little laggy.
The bug will be fixed in the next major Update yet
How do you get the mods
Click on the second download link. It is .mcaddon not .zip , I gotta fixed that soon
Good pack but there are too many bug. Some crafting recipe doesn't work. Please help.
Go to my Discord server and report the bugs! Btw , most all the bugs will be fixed in the upcoming update.