Published on March 23, 2019 (Updated on April 15, 2019)

Ultra Function Pack

Do you remember the function pack for multiplayer? Well here is the first major update, I believe that is going to be a huge function pack in the future.

this is the first part of a HUGE update adding many new features.

for this to work you will need to enable experimental gameplay

Right now there is the function for multiplayer pack with an added addition of kits, there at currently seven available kits which are Showen below

There will be more kits coming soon so stay tuned!

List of current available commands:

  • /function ban will effect players in a 5 block radius and the effects are slowness, weakness and invisibility and there milk buckets will be removed.
  • /function house willl give you a house to decorate.
  • /function bunker will surround you in obsidian and you will be given some food and a diamond pickaxe.
  • /function flash will make you become super fast and you will leave a trail of fire behind you, this command has to be entered into a repeating command block to work.
  • /function grapple gun will make arrows make a bridge where ever you shot them at, this has to be entered into a command block to work.
  • /function vanish will make you invisible.
  • /function punish_hacker will make a bedrock box with some zombies in it and then you can to the hacker there.
  • /function lightning_strike will strike lightning on all the players a part from the player that executed the command.
  • /function break will crash/corrupt your world, it does this with a little zombie magic. credit goes to element x for finding this command.
  • /function credit will show you the person who made it.
  • /function pranks/exploding_ore will make diamonds appear around the command block that is required and when you get in a 5 block radius they will explode.
  • /function pranks/unsolid_floor will fill an area with an unsolid wooden floor with lava underneath.
  • /function pranks/lag will summon a lot of pigs at every player a part from the player that executed the command
  • /function pranks/sick will effect all players with nausea but this will not affect the player which executed the command.
  • /function help will show you a list of available commands
  • /function tsunami will make a tsunami when you place down an item frame, this has to be entered Into a repeating command block
  • /function cube will make a cube with guides
  • /function archer_tower will make a archer tower
  • /function flat will make a area flat
  • /function terms_of_use will show you the terms of use


if you wish to post this on a different website/app contact me on my twitter programmer 745 to get permission. If you wish to make a video about this contact me on Twitter also give me credit in your video for making this function pack and if a bug is found also report that on my Twitter.

huge credit goes out to raisen who gave me permission to use his experience level trading system in my function pack!

his Twitter is @raisencadavez and his mcpedl is

He has given me permission and for those who want proof here you go

And he has inspired this system so go follow him on Twitter!

Select version for changelog:


The tsunami function needs a armor stand not a item frame.

fixed archer_tower


Click on one of the links below and download the file to get started.

experimental gameplay has to be enabled for this to work.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Can You Fly?
This addon is very nice dude
I can’t get the tsunami to work??
Yeah, it kinda sucks how it does not work. But at least there are commands.
Tsunami won’t work I’m disappointed in you
/function break just spawns two zombies
But it into a command block
How do you use flat function
/function tsunami doesn’t work even when I put it it the command block
Could you add a function that works as a undo button and a function that gives you extremely good potion effects
Hello you can put a function that add Mountains pls
It would be possible, but it would take a VERY long time
Good Job! Can you try to make function that will private player terretory/blocks?
Yes it would be possible but would have limits
Just curious, would it be possible to have a function that enables flight in survival mode?
Yes it would are you talking about pvp or hurting mobs
Oh flight, well technically no there are some other ways that could be like flying
I am also working on a function pack called LXX Functions. If you want I can give you some functions.

There should be a different section for function packs and addons. They are different.
I don’t know if this is just me I’m using the most recent minecraft pe update and enabled experimental data but when I do the archer tower command all that spawns in is just 4 fences
I know what the problem is and have fixed it, it will soon be updated