Published on December 23, 2020 (Updated on December 24, 2020)

Ultra Hardcore Christmas Parkour [SpeedRun]

Hello it's me ClickToGame and I'm the creator of this map. In this map there is one of the hardest parkour challenges (christmas themed). However there is also a stopwatch just to challenge yourself into speedrunning this hard parkour.

Hello and welcome to Ultra Hardcore Christmas Parkour. In this parkour map you can challenge yourself into actually speedrunning the map. In the map we have a stopwatch to count and analyse your results of attempting to speedrun the map. This might be one of the most challenging parkour you have ever experienced. Give it a try and let us know your score.

Twitter: @ClickRF


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• Stopwatch fixed

• New few images added

• New Google Drive link

• Other issues fixed

• Download file fixed


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I love the map do you know i would like to make a video for youtube, will i give you the credits? I love this map i am latinamerican
Hey. I took a look at the map and I think its great. I like the idea you went with. I did some playing around and I figured out that if you would like to fix the bug with the map, all you have to do it put 1 command block in the center of the map instead of having 2. Having 2 causes that little bug. If you move the command block towards the middle of that map into the center of the map then the issue is more or less fixed. Other than that little bug, I think it's great.
Thank you for the info! I knew it was because of this I was trynna figure out its range