Published on July 05, 2020 (Updated on July 10, 2020)

UltraClass - Vibrant and Darker Nights

UltraClass is a derivative work based upon UltraMax by Genghar. It allows for darker nights, more vibrant visuals, stronger colors, and a new comfortable atmosphere. Caves may be too dark if you're a wimp!

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  • UltraClass-1.16_1594290583.mcpack

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One of the best textures I've ever used
Random onion boi28182937 July 12, 2022 at 9:53 am
Sad to see this great shader mist away into nothing.. Why did they have to change it to render dragon… Why!
This comment has been removed
Fender_Bender_Beast October 04, 2021 at 1:16 am
Yes, I love this shader as well and have experienced the same problems; its the only shader my pc can run (I dont have a graphics card) and quite honestly I prefer this over most fancy shaders. The warm colors and dark nights provided by this resource pack mixed with ambient sounds, bioplentia, and vanilla expansion mods hits different, but sadly there is a strange triangle on the screen whenever I activate this shader. It appeared in a recent update, and is removable, but when I activate mods that remove the triangle, the shader as a whole doesn't work either.
Hopefully this is patched, I used this shader in literally every world of mine exept like 4.
anyway to make it work for switch?
Why Are There 2 Downloads?
oops. lemme fix that real quick.
Using this with my device at 0% brightness and in game settings brightness at 0%. SOOO DARK
Looks nice but can the day time a bit brighter it's feels weird in day times
I may not be having the same issue as you as I play on a VA panel monitor with an extremely high contrast ratio. Might I ask what display technology your monitor/tv uses?
Hey what in game brightness level do you recommend for this ultra class mod?
Work on xbox???
Does it work on Xbox?
No, it does not work on xbox, unfortunately. There may be an update in the future to fix this!
Hey Nice Sharders but there's a bug that makes banner invisible. I'll be happy if you could fix this and thanks for you.
would be better if the water didn't move
Huh? It shouldn't be moving. What platform are you on?
Site is being dumb. Can't log in for some reason. Update coming out within 30 hours that fixes this, as well as the banners!
Make even more DARKER so dark that it would be impossible to see in the night
Haha, without light sources, it's already impossible!
Would be nice for a horror map
Maybe! I might try making a horror map with it sometime :)