Published on November 13, 2020

Unblqzed [16x]

Unblqzed [16x]!
Do you like Blue Texturepacks? Or Blue PvP Texturepacks? Well you've come to the right place where you can download Unblqzed's PvP Texturepack! It is FPS Friendly and it can boost your FPS by following the notes read carfully, Credits to Ambient for the Blue Hit Particles! Enjoy!
We don't force you guys to follow the Note. But you can take a little sneak peak about it
The Pack has
-Dark Blue Diamond Armor!-
-Smooth Edited Swords-
-Clean Blue Pearl Edit [Used Exalt Items]-
-Edited Blue Bow-
-Added Black and Blue Fishing Rod-
-Blue Gapples and God Gapples-
-Low Blue Fire-
-Cubemap Sky-
-Smooth Axe & Sharper Pickaxe-
-The Lava&Water When ur Inside Lava and Water Is Transparent-
-Some pictures at the Description-
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YT: Unblqzed

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Fixed and Added new Swords

Fixed Brief Description

(I'm Sorry if this is still a Denied Pack, i actually can't understand the meaning of the Brief "word" since i use Translator.)

Please Do Not Redistrubute Without my Permission!.


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Installation Guides

Link not working. It takes me to mediafire but doesn’t give me a download.sure it’s good looking at the pictures.
does it work when you have 20 fpw (frames per week)