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Published on December 25, 2016 (Updated on December 25, 2016)

Undead Invasion Add-on

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Please add ttaming behavior for traitor zombie
the items are:
Gold Nugget
Gold Sword
Gold apple
Can you remove the baby zombie behavior because the keep inventory game rule makes the baby zombie spawn WITH me.
Editor can you make these changes or features to other mobs too? Without changing a mob?
The Iron Golems didn't spawn in the video because there was grass under their arms.
Creator, would you please create a mo' creepers add-on? I want it to have the Minecraft PC Survival Test creeper, which does melee attack damage and explodes ONLY when killed. I also want a nether creeper an ender creeper, a zombie creeper, and a ender creeper. I do not think you have to replace any mob to make this add-on, but you will also have to add textures to each type of creeper, like the PC survival test creeper having a dark green texture.
If you make a mo creepers Addon, would you please also make it so charged creepers can spawn naturally, and make it so charged PC survival test creepers inflict more melee damage, along with a melee status effect like blindness?
How to Spawn giant and titan
Johan Marxh Bardos May 04, 2017 at 7:19 pm
Just keep on spawning zombies in a zombie spawn egg (I got it in 15 seconds)
Can you make a fishing hook add-on...?\(♡O♡)/
i'm a newb but this seems to be cleverly designed using variants rather than replacement
which is exactly what i expect from any mob add-on outside of the ability to 'add' completely unique mobs
I love this add on, great job. Also is there any way to spawn in a specific zombie with commands; like how you can give yourself granite with /give stone and a "data: int" of 2. Please help and thanks.
You called the Titan a giant!
How do you get them?
How do you spawn in the beasts?