Published on November 02, 2017 (Updated on November 02, 2017)

Undertale: Free Roam (Beta) [Creation]

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I am going to have a bad time if this map doesn't get updated
Hey this is soooo cool and I want it soo badly but the media fire file is gone please fix it
I tried to download the map but both ways lead me to dead ends and ad pop ups, what happened
The creator and another person finally finished this map in planet minecraft. Any chance someone can port the finished map from .zip to .mcworld? Please?
I have ported it, but i'm still adding some commands, and also adding custom areas
Are you gonna upload the map to this website once you're finished?
yes, will be done on 28th april
Thanks! :)
And when it would be done by now? Its already june!
oh god sorry i completely forgot about this i tried porting it and it didnt work so i gave up but now ima maybe actually try again
can you also remove the barrier blocks
maps ported into bedrock with barrier blocks from java dont like to be removed
in bedrock even tho theres a barrier block bedrock
Pls update the map need finish this!
I cant download it please fix is I want this map fix the media fire
Make it a mediafire link!!!
How do you do it on a I pad tell me please
How do you do it on a I pad
This Undertale Map needs an update
Yeah I know right they aren’t even working on updating it.
How do you turn on the music
It’s good but I can’t use commands. I’m not able to change the game mode of myself or anything like that. Please can you fix that? Otherwise, great map.
Its because theres a command block forcing the game to stay in survival
Yo can disable command blocks by disabling the game rule that says "Command Blocks enabled" in the World options.
But actually, when you get in the map you are actually able to use commands, just not in the lobby, or whatever
whens the map going to get updated? just curious
I found all the letters to make sans say “ your gonna have a bad time” LOL
Ok how does that work