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Published on April 04, 2017 (Updated on April 04, 2017)

-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold & Ocean Monument

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Best bro thanks Who thinks this is the best seed?
I spent about an hour scavenging the librarys ( I am in survival so I had about ten minutes getting there)
and I found so many good enchantments on books, even mending and channeling! would recommend for and lets play, and an added challenge of making conduits for all the monument..... I love this seed
um hey when i tried to tp to the place i ended up in snow land not at the monument.
Is it okay if I use this for a horror map? I'll give credit.
I don’t care use at at your wish sorry it took so long
I can't find the ocean
I liked the seed! :)
Is this the only seed found with a stronghold in the gravel land underwater?
It's not flooded because a stronghold generates with air blocks, which replace the water blocks.
Hi guys I'm someone ?? I was so surprised when I found this I couldn't wait to post it
Who submitted this seed?
Hey good job finding this seed it's really useful for its loot.
Awesome seed! This is the first seed ive seen like this and it's really fun to explore!
I would like if it has an underwater shark and we can tame it and dolphins