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Published on March 16, 2021 (Updated on March 16, 2021)

Unfair Chest!

So you remember Unfair Minecraft right? You also know it begins with a chest right? So I made an Unfair Minecraft map that revolves around chest. Hope you like it!

It all starts with the first tree. I cant tell you anything else or it would spoil the fun... he he. But anyway 


  • Don't cheat by using commands or creative mode
  • Don't go outside the map
  • If you are filming, Leave download in description and attempt to go into creative mode.
  • Don't destroy your device


  Map and mod by Villagecool

  Music by YouTube free music

  Tested by WalnutAgate496.


There are 2 secrets in this map. Have fun!


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Set the entire description to not have every word capitalized.

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Your Suppose To Throw It On The Ground. Have You Tried That? It's Actually Just A Retextured Phantom Membrane. Or Does It Some How Give You A Clock Made With Gold.
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Tell me your discord I will send you a vid there of what I m trying to tell :)
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Nice Map! but when you trade with the villager, it just gives you a clock but not clock of time fix that and I will rate 5 stars!
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