Published on December 15, 2019 (Updated on November 22, 2022)

Unicorns and Butterflies Add-on!

And not just Unicorns and butterflies, there's Alacorns and Pegasus! Pegasuses?!? Pegasi?? Who knows!! They're horses that have wings! What else could possibly matter. AND they come in a crazy variety of colors. With sparkling things going everywhere. Make sure you wear sunglasses.

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  • Fixed bug that enabled Unicorns to move when sitting
  • Added more Unicorn variants
  • Improved Pegasus flight
  • Fixed bug where the Pegasus would run super fast
  • Made butterflies despawn from a distance
  • Improved particles on all Unicorns


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The butterflies are too big. Nonetheless, great addon.
what do they eat?
Can you update Big cats addon, it will add:
Nebulous Panther.
Yellow with black spots jaguars.
Snow leopards
Spawn cheetahs on the Savanna biome.
Unicorngemlover4567 November 05, 2022 at 2:46 pm
I was looking for a Unicorn mod and I finally found it!!!!!!
Make all the magical beings in all 16 Minecraft colors
This addon is great But only Problem Is That they are not Spawn Naturally So you Can't get them in Survival Mode witch Is Little Bit Annoying
I Hate People Who Talk Like This, please type NORMALLY.
Then I Guess You Hate Me, Because I Play Minecraft So Much That I Type Like This Now.
I love this addon! But I would like a way to heal them if they get hurt, but I find the splash potion of healing works just fine too.
It is cute and nice
my sister suggests pink unicorns.
Mine wont spawn naturally i have to spawn them in which is not great for a survival world, I checked the map and there were non anywhere is it not compatiple with other mods? because it does work they just wont spawn
how do I get the add on?
Can You Please Make Them Breedable
i saw this wierd alex mob thingy,was it in this addon or was it a hack or something?
That Is Not In The Addon, You Might Wanna Check That Out...
OMG, I LOVE THIS ADDON! THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR YESTERDAY! AND ITS HERE! Thank you so much you made my night!!! Btw, Can I edit the texture pack colours of the Alacorns/Alicorns, Unicorns and the Pegasai? Again, Thank you so much! This made my life! Please update it more =) And I have a suggestion, Could you maybe add like a queen or king? If it's too much, that's ok. But update this more! Bye! (I will be around here)
Guest-4340507416 May 18, 2020 at 7:49 pm
it doesn't work!!

Please fix this!! :(
Wow can you guys make a tameable/rideable brachiosaurus
Please ??But I'm your fan guys??
Yes!!Your right!! Guys can you make brachiosaurus?