Published on September 01, 2018 (Updated on September 01, 2018)

Unicycle Addon

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Never mind, I can now give them speed. Was an error on my side as I guess on of the other addons was blocking it for some reason. I love the fact that unicycles fit through 1 block spaces, this make this addon better than all of the other "rideable things" addons
I love this addon EXCEPT for the fact that when I give the entity (unicycle/sheep) speed, it does not get faster. However, when I give it jump boost, it works. Could you please fix it so we can make our unicycles fast. :)
can you make a skateboard addon
I thinking how should model looks, because I can't make player stand, when he drive. Addons features are limited. I will do my best.
It's not working in
So you are doing something wrong, because I was specially testing it on Minecraft BE 1.5. Please import resource pack and behavior pack for your world. Thanks!
Don't be Mean
What is dufference between english uk and english gb. I think it's the same
No, it is not same, the syntax of the language files are different.
Name it as jeb_ and look what happen!
Love the addon! Great Models and sounds!