Unobtainable Blocks/Items - 32k Weapons (Achievements Enabled)

This world contains unobtainable blocks/items. 

Glitched blocks, glitched spawn egg. And for those who are OG we got the nether reactor ;) 

We also have the ultimate 32k Weapons.

And 32k Armor!

This world has achievements enabled so go CRAZY!!!

Select version for changelog:


-Replaced Diamond Armor with Netherite Armor-

-Removed some uselss stuff-

Supported Minecraft versions

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@GoldenSubz can you remove curse of binding and curse of vanishing enchants for the items?
doesnt work just put the mediafire link
Did you use Horion?
The Nether Reactor doesn't ring a bell... sorry :(
Ummm it says its for 1.9 why does it not work for 1.14?
May i have the mediafire link, bc the other doesnt work.
tho u could just do the same thing with hacks, but this is safer (probably)
You’re the best, GoldenSubz boy. I will never forget about you.
(p.s. I’m Red (Totally not impostor)#9402)
This is amazing I love this world you did good props to you keep up the good work
Can make portal block in this world pls i want
can you give me the mediafire link
I can’t download it I’m on iOS gives viruses even if you click skip ad
Actually no. If you just skip it it redirects to the mediafire link. And doesn't cause any virus. You probably click on a sketchy ad.
Hey it lead me to a stripper website why
Hiya! Im wondering, how did you get it? Is there a command for it? (I know that would be cheating, but i would like it on a few worlds) And if It's a app, please put in a link for download, Thanks!
1 We just released a discord server!!!