Published on January 11, 2022 (Updated on May 12, 2022)

UNOFFICIAL Mowzie's Mobs Update1.6

This is a Non Official version for Minecraft Bedrock Edition we are not the owners of Original Mowzie's Mobs mod from Java Edition, we have all the perms to do it, this addon is only created by Gabriel Cape and Just Mr Devil.Mowzie's Mobs mod, created originally by Bob mowzie, adds a variety of fictional creatures to Minecraft, priding itself in unique AI, environmental and atmospheric appropriateness, and standard-setting animations. 

UPDATE 1.6!!




The Frostmaw is a creature found in the coldest biomes and the highest mountains, this incomparable beast looks harmless when it sleeps, but when it wakes up when his crystal is threatened, his opponent will face a beast with terrible strength and frost abilities, is there a way to prevent from using those abilities beforehand?



The Ferrous Wroughtnaut is not a man or a statue, it is waiting and guarding something that has been forgotten for a long time attacking anyone who approaches its dungeon under the ground waking up to give blows so powerful as to finish instantly. They only have one weakness to damage him which his opponent must discover.

When defeating him, he will drop his axe and his helmet, they are indestructible and his axe has unique abilities. Right click to perform a horizontal attack and Shift + Right click to perform a vertical attack. mobile phones users must hold the screen to make this.



The Grottol are crystal crustaceans that live in the underground, also called "Living Ores" they are considered as a pressed resource of diamonds, only the fastest will be able to catch them before they escape, they are very fast and have the ability to climb like a spider, considerate that only iron pickaxes or higher are capable of penetrating their diamond shell.


The Foliaath are plant monsters that the only thing they want is to eat without stopping, they are generated in the jungles like ordinary ferns but they will emere if their prey gets close enough, attacking them melee is a difficult task so a new way must be found to attack them from a distance.
When they die, they will drop foliaath seeds that are used to plant a new foliaath, just let the baby grow and feed it with meat every half day for two days until it grows but be careful! Even if you have raised it, it does not mean that they are tame and will attack you anyway.



These winged serpents called Naga make the hills dangerous, possess great flying abilities and an acid poison which is deadly for a person, hitting them with a projectile at the moment when the Naga is preparing an attack will bring down the Naga giving the opportunity to attack to his opponent.
When he dies he will leave his fang which can be used to create a poisonous dagger or an antidote to poisons.




Barako is the chief of the Barakoa tribe, sitting fixed on a throne in the Barakoa village, he attacks the intruders by extracting the power of the sun to release it in the form of solar rays, he can also summon Barakoas allies with their masks to defend him from his opponent .
When he dies he will give his mask as a reward: the Sol Visage which will grant its wearer the ability to summon Barakoas allies through his masks, unfortunately it will not grant his heliomancy, this power dies with Barako, maybe there is some other way.




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-The immobility that gave you when using the skills of the ax of a thousand metals was removed, now it is more similar to java;

-Colors were added to the names of the items based on their rarity of finding as in the java edition.

-The Ferrous no longer freezes when surrounded by fire;

-Thousand Metal Ax now acts like an ax being able to chop down logs and bark like a vanilla axe, this also happens in the Java edition (Demonstration in the video below);

-The Ice Crystal now works correctly, it will always display the effects and do the damage correctly (Demonstration in the video below).

-Using the fishing rod against the Frostmaw no longer drops fishing loot;

-The pivot of the Barako's head was fixed, when it turned the head it went out of place;

-Barako's animation transitions were fixed, now the transition from animation to animation is more fluid and they don't combine causing him to open his mouth a lot;

- Projectiles no longer disappear when shooting Frostmaw and Ferrous;

-Now Barako's Supernova burns the mobs it hits (Demonstration in the video below);

-Fixed the bug that the Barako constantly repeats the solarbeam without being able to do anything;

-The damage was better synchronized with the animation of the Barako's Supernova

- Random loots were added to the barakoa village chest, the loot is the same as in the java edition

- Tables, carpets and item frames with barakoa masks were added in the houses of the barakoa village as in the java edition, in the images below some of the loot possibilities and the decorated houses are shown

- Now the sun blessing and earth talisman items are automatically detected in the inventory and interaction with them is not necessary

-Fixed the z-fighting bug of the burned ground from the Barako sunstrike impact, fixed the way the burned ground will disappear, it will disappear if another one is nearby;

-The solarbeam thrown by the player has been corrected, now the solar beams are seen correctly and the damage is dealt correctly, Finally the time has come when this annoying bug has been fixed! I was trying all day and if it was possible :) it even works better than before!

- Now the damage from the Barako's solar rays is done with the /damage command, thanks to this when it damages an entity, that entity will target the Barako and not an invisible entity or anything directly, as happened before;

- Now the solar ray summoned by the player is more precise when it comes to hitting, doing damage and burning mobs;

- The player-summoned solar ray from the mouth is now /damage so mobs damaged by this ability will target the player instead of an invisible entity like before;

- Player summoned sunbeam now deals damage to harmless mobs, again

- The ferrous_structure and barako_spawn blocks were removed, these blocks were used in order to spawn entities in custom structures since it is not possible at the moment by normal means;

- Fixed the error that when the Lantern died at night, it left its light suspended

- Fixed bug where throwing an ally barakoa with spent durability would spawn with full health if you throw the mask too low;

- When throwing the mask to spawn allied barakoas they are no longer thrown from very low;

- Allied Barakoas now follow you if they are more than 5 blocks away and stop within 2 blocks;

- Now the allied Barakoas will not have automatic targets, the targets will be assigned by the player and only the player who summoned them by hitting the mob or being attacked by the mob, it was somewhat complicated to do because I had to link the durability of the item with the health of allied barakoas again, Demonstration in the video below

- Now the Grottol will not spawn automatically if it is in a block that it cannot dig (for example on top of wood) this allows players to lock up and keep Grottols as pets;

- Added the following blocks by which Grottols can escape:

[. All data values ​​of the stone (Andesite, Diorite, etc)

. All the data values ​​of the earth

. earth with roots

. Podzol

. All the data values ​​of the Sandstone

. All the data values ​​of the Red Sandstone

. brick block

. All the data values ​​of the Stone Brick

. end bricks

. polished black stone bricks

. all pray

. black stone

. polished black stone

. smooth stone

. Broken polished black stone bricks

. mossy rock

. double stone slab

. All data values ​​of the Quartz Block

. All the data values ​​of the Concrete

. golden black stone

. Chiselled Polished Black Stone

. hardened clay block

. All data values ​​of painted clay

. nether block

. deformed nylium

. carbon block

. Scarlet Nylium]

- Fixed the generation of the Foliaath, in some cases you could find several foliaaths generated in the same place;

- Fixed the error that appeared in the game error log regarding non-existent animations of the look_at_target in the barakoas;

- Fixed the error that appeared in the game error log regarding non-existent ally_ring and shoot animations on allied barakoas (player-summoned barakoas);

- Fixed the generation of the Frostmaw that appeared very often in its respective biome, now one is generated every so often and with probability, thanks to @ Axelpvz2030 for the solution to this error;

- The Frostmaw no longer dodges attacks if it is attacking;

- Frostmaw now takes more damage from lava and fire like in the Java version;

- Fixed Frostmaw Z-fighting in the eye, Z-fighting in a collision between textures, collides with the texture of the closed eye and the open eye;

- Ring particles on allied barakoas work properly again;

- Frostmaw's AoE damage from two-legged attack now works correctly;

- Fixed knockback when Frostmaw gets up a second time and when he gets up without his crystal;

- Fixed Frostmaw knockback damage when getting up, now opponents hit by this will not go to attack an invisible entity on the ground but the Frostmaw, that is possible thanks to the /damage command :).

- The Addon was translated into the languages ​​of Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) and Russian (Russia)

- Improved structures.

- Fixed all items and blocks

- Fixed Ferrous stomp sending you too high on laggy devices

- Made a system for the blowgun to work until mojang fixes the minecraft:shooter component

- The Barako now blesses when you buy the solar blessing

- Support 1.18.31 & 1.18.32


STEP 1: Download the .mcaddon file from the download link on this page
STEP 2: locate the .mcaddon file downloaded in the previous step and open it with Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the addon will automatically import into the game.
STEP 3: Edit or create a new world and apply the addon through the Resource packs and Behavior packs option in the world.
STEP 4: Enjoy the addon :)

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MaximusOmega2k18 May 16, 2022 at 8:08 pm
This Works on Realms?
excuse me but Barako the sun chief spawns in the savanna right?

I just can't find it

BTW, I use Minecraft Education
This addon is absolutely the smoothest animations I've ever seen
Thanks for the, update I’ve been waiting so long!
Does this work on Xbox??
love how it looks! unfortunately can't play it on xbox because the download link is scuffed and xbox sucks. Could you please make a mediafire link instead of direct download?
Great addon! But can you PLEASE! make this available on realms? This would be a great mod to have on my realm with friends.
I dont know how realms work, mojang need to add more copatibility with addons we cant do anything to add support for realms
The new update is cool and all
But it's basically unplayable on low end devices
But it works perfectly on pc though
Update it to 1.6 pliz
Update it to 1.6 pliz
Uptade it to 1.6 plis
HarlemgamingPlays May 02, 2022 at 11:08 pm
Hello gabriel cape can uou add java animations for the addon and i have a problem when i import the addon 1.18.2 its ok when 1.18.12 it did not work no weapons no armor can you fix the bug for next update?
pls add the glorious WROUGHTNAUT and pls make it available in 1.18.10
Glorious WROUGHTNAUT is not from Mowzies Mobs mod...