Published on May 09, 2022 (Updated on May 11, 2022)

Untitled Penguin Mod

Penguins, they're cute animals right. but what if they were pets in Minecraft, cool right. This add-on adds penguins to Minecraft, that can be tamed.(This is a smaller mod only penguins have been added)

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I added a tame and waddling animation to the penguins.


  • Untitled Penguin Mod new animations (599.45 KB)

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Its work no bug at all but suggestion maybe add some animation or make then sittable(sorry if wrong grammar English not My first language)
Thank you for the feed back, I am actually in the process of making animations now should be out around Wednesday
Hmmm l still din't download but ill tell you of there bug but thep penguin. Is cute l cant wait to download
This is my first add-on so if you find any bugs or have a suggestion, I would appreciate the feedback.