Useful Particles - Deep Dark Update [18 Particle Packs Total]

These are particle packs that can help out players in different ways. Some can help with mob farms, finding world chunks, seeing the attack ranges of the warden, seeing health on a mob, finding invisible wandering traders, identifying spawn spots of a structure like fortresses and ocean monuments, or brightening the screen to help you see in very dark caves.

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  • Removed fire time
  • Removed spoilers from MCPEDL description
  • Added support for trader llama, warden, allay, frog, and tadpole
  • Added shrieker spawn range
  • Added mob spawning spheres
  • Added blocks distance
  • Added nether coordinates converter
  • Added warden ranges
  • Health bar numbers and status icons now face the player. I previously did not know how to do that and used double sided numbers before
  • Added an always on option to white screen shade pack settings
  • Setup pack now has yellow text when viewed in the game, and the description is bold


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Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
VictoriousMaverickPlayz May 21, 2022 at 5:35 am
I can't see someone's XP level on my server, it stays at 000. Can you fix it?
VictoriousMaverickPlayz May 21, 2022 at 5:36 am
But it can detect my XP level though
Does not always work on all servers, mainly vanilla ones.
Never cease to amaze me!

idk how you do it, but keep up the amazing work!
Awesome addon now I don't have to go into third person mode to have a chunk border
hi. i think you uploaded the wrong file for the addon :)
This comment has been removed
on an unrelated note, im interested in how you obtained the acceleration and initial speed values for the projectile guide, did you calculate it? because i couldn’t find it when i was trying to make a similar addon.
The initial speed is the “power” parameter in the projectile component in the vanilla behavior pack entity file for the projectile. The “power” is in units of blocks/tick.
I'm not sure how I remember doing it. I checked with behavior packs and tried multiples of 16 and different gravity values