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Published on November 20, 2014 (Updated on November 20, 2014)

USS Independence [Creation]

USS Independence is a ship intended for a close to shore battles. It's a battle ship relatively small in size (compared to the huge monster ships the US navy got in store). Here we've got an alternative recreation of the USS Independence which do hold many similarities. Even if it's not an exact replica it's really well made and authentic looking.

Creator: Brockcherry

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Hold it right ther!
That is a bloody aircraft carrier not a battleship
Do some research+ its a bit fat
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how tf is that a battleship
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Could you PLEEEEASE do another battleship? Maybe like the USS Arizona or the German Naval Ship Kaiser? Would very much appreciate it!
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sorry I just get annoyed when people call any ship that’s for the navy a battleship when they have actual names for each type of ship.
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A great map! i loved using it!
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Pls make a mediafire mc world link PLA??
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Plz make the link for media fire for iOS PLZ I BEG YOU
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