Published on February 18, 2020 (Updated on February 18, 2020)

Utilities Function Pack (Modular)

The Utilities Function Pack is designed to help users out by simplifying complex command creations into just one function that the user can call and execute so that they don't have to do any complex command block creations on their world.

The Utilities Function Pack has many uses, and this first release is geared towards realm owners, but still has a few commands for Creative enthusiasts to use.



  • BasicUtilities.mcpack

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Guest-3775779494 May 31, 2020 at 5:25 pm
uhm, yeah, it is mcpack not msworld and not a valid zip either (still). Earlier ones were working it seems from comments so I trust you'll sort it out soon
Whyyyyyy u do dis I've looking for something like this for days and I found it. This pack. My search was over until I clicked download and got UnVaLiD ZiP halp please fix
It gives me the invalid ZIP archive error. This pack honestly looks great and that it could be used for some of my worlds (cause her little bros join sometimes) to prevent them from trolling. (Although I keep it in check pretty easily and don't mind the occasional prank)
Sadly I cannot download the add-on for I only get a download error.
The functions files are not in the mcpack folder when i downloaded it and extracted it and when downloading it it says the file is 0KB fix this please
I have downloaded this and it says not a valid zip file please can you fix this or send me a different download link please i really want this as it seems perfect for my realm
Please can you tell me how you were able to get this add on working
I really wish that the economy plugin and a world edit plugin was faster but prob no cause it prob takes hours to code.5/5
Hi! When i do /function realm/setup it just come up member so can you maybe add me my name is vivi01310131 so you can fix it i can pay you max 30 dollars in paypalso contact me here
I see. What happened here is three armor stands are stacked on each other, causing them to collide and so you only see the name of one of those armor stands. Don't be worried though! They are there. What you can do to become "Admin" is to type this command: /tag @p add Admin
That will give you the tag Admin making you essentially an Admin. In the next update, this will be fixed and you won't have to worry about it though. Also in the next update, I will probably be re-uploading this as a new submission, named "Realm Protection Plus", to better reflect what it is for.
When you make the world edit please make it so that ios users can use it, thanks in advance.
Yes, I do aim to make sure all Bedrock players of all types will be able to use my content. The World Edit will now be a separate pack, as this one will be dedicated to Realm protection only, and probably be submitted as a new post about it, as I have improved the functionality a great deal.

The only thing that may occur is a slight lag with the World Edit, because of everything it will be doing. But the techniques I will be using should not cause anybody to lag, I focus very heavily on that part.
Yeah, where are the ******* pictures?
Anyways, looks good!
u know that functions didnt work on realms... right XD
Functions do in fact work on realms, That is why they changed the name of realms to "realms Plus", to add custom texture and behavior pack support. I have tested these on a realm and they work very well, otherwise, they would not be here.