Published on May 08, 2021 (Updated on October 09, 2021)

Vader A Minecraft Star Wars Addon Story - Update!

Fight vader and his master with the best heroes in the galaxy, with unique skins and spectacular sounds !!!

this addon was extracted from official star wars addon, available in mcpedl

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Improvements were added to Vader's behavior now he can return the blasters that are thrown at him, some textures were also fixed to improve the appearance of Vader and the emperor, more textures were added to the troopers and more

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Y los spartanos atacan aldeanos, no olvides corregir esa parte porfavor
Falta que cambies el link de descarga para está versión en tu complemento de 300, sigue que es para la 1.7 al igual que el de tierra media, pero ya lo corregiste
Great job!! Love the addon
the mod is bugged
First Message and i will download and try this add-on and dont forget fix spartans attacking villagers