Backpacks Add-on

This is the first add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to implement fully working backpacks to the game. They are essentially a mobile chest which you can wear on your back while traveling around in your world. It’s great if you are out on an adventure and need somewhere to offload your blocks and items. It’s easy to wear and also easy to take off in case you need to access the storage space easily. It’s definitely a must have for all the survivors out there!

To get a backpack you’ll need to craft one. You can also dye them.Crafting recipes are listed below. To spawn a backpack long tap on the ground with the item 

Dye a backpack by clicking on it with a dye (can be redyed)

To lock a backpack place a tripwire hook in the 1st slot. This will prevent players from stealing your items.

Claim a backpack with a chest. (Make sure you don’t lock it if you haven’t claimed the backpack) this will unlock it’s inventory thus allowing you to store items in it.

To wear a backpack simply stand near one and it’ll jump on your back. To get it off sneak and jump.

Read the instructions before commenting “it doesn’t work”


Prof Mags (Twitter)

Arexon (Twitter)

Changelog View more

Updated for 1.16, got rid of entity shadows and fixed a few bugs

New model, updated icon, updated addon, that is every thing.

Updated backpacks add-on for 1.14 and changed how the backpacks work and made them better.

Changed models and textures. Edited behavior files. Changed recipes. Changed how the backpacks work.

Crafting is now using items, so you wont need to download a specific version. Updated behaviours, added animation controls for crafting. Updating UI. 

We have added support for all languages for backpacks. That is it.

Updated the featured photo for the  add-on page. That's all.

Support for 1.12, 1.13. Crafting files were broke and fixed for 1.12

Now updated for 1.13

Fixed crafting recipes in 1.0.7, causing the player to get a black spawn egg. 

Now direct download to Mediafire, stopped using link shortener due to inappropriate advertisements.

Fixed inventory glitching out, thus causing the items to dissapear inside.

Fixed big Backpack inventory glitching out, new and improved UI.

Changed models and textures.

Added crafting.

Updated health and damage sensor.

Now fire resistant.

Lowered collision boxes.

Updated UI

Edited way of getting Backpacks off.

Changed alot of behavior files.

We've added small Backpacks, Added custom UI for how to use the Backpacks. 

Backpacks can't be damaged now, you'll need to crouch click them with a stick to destroy them.

Backpacks now have 15 storage slots.

We have figured out how to make backpacks lockable and unlockable in 1.11, without the inventory being broke. Update pictures. Added new video for latest update. 

Updated for 1.11, removed the ability to lock and tame backpacks, this caused the Backpacks inventory to break, so we had to remove it. Backpacks are no longer dydable, you must find them around your world.  Also texture changes to all backpacks.


Supported Minecraft versions


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494 Responses

3.81 / 5 (243 votes)
  1. Guest-5658076084 says:

    Unable to jump into water or swim in water without the backpack coming off. I’ve lost it so many times from just going into water.
    Unable to go into the Nether with the backpack.

  2. Guest-4186624965 says:

    1.16 no descarga paquete de recursos solo el de comportamiento… ¿que puedo hacer?

  3. Domy765 says:

    Funziona per 1.14.1 ?????? Per favore rispondimi

  4. Guest-1816602163 says:

    Can you make this for 1.16

  5. Guest-3882914470 says:

    Emm va fatal. O no sabes explicar 3 M porque las instrucciones van como el culo… o esta basura no funciona…

  6. Guest-5781602672 says:

    For the people claiming it still wont work after putting testing on, try deactivating then reactivating the addon behavior pack( then the same with the resource). Then move it up the list of active addons to the top ( for both resource and behavior!) then it should work! Sometimes some addons need to be higher on the list in order to work even better.

  7. Guest-8597161631 says:

    Hey i love it but i can lock it, claim it and place it, but cant pick it up or put on back.
    Can you help?

  8. Guest-6057911130 says:

    i cant put it on i did what the instruction said but it just wont

  9. Guest-3495197565 says:

    I’m playing on a android tablet. I can craft and pick up the backpack ,but can’t tame or open it.. how do I tame it on a tablet? If I walk close to it with a chest I just pick it up.. need help plez

  10. Guest-8033851646 says:

    I can’t pick it up, I’ve already turn on the experimental gameplay and add both resource and behaviour pack. I already did everything, i even watch some reviews

  11. Guest-6909394776 says:

    la mochila muere por asfixia wtf

  12. Guest-9441219251 says:

    If any one is having problems using the mod in survival here is how to use it.
    First craft it, then look directly down on your feet, if you go to third person you should see it on your back, then shift and jump and it will be on the ground hover over it with a chest to tame it then you will be able to put stuff in it and if you want put a trip wire where the saddle is to lock it so no one can steal it becraful not to lock it before taming it.
    If you wanna pick the backpack back up unshift and walk near it.

  13. Guest-8169991125 says:

    It will not let me place it down and do u need a saddle for it to work

  14. Guest-7246512940 says:

    can you make it a button instead of just getting near it like the butten are and if on phone make a wear button this will make it more easy to get it on so you don’t have to keep on walking around it and trying to get it on please make this a update

  15. Guest-8343655077 says:

    It works in Creative but it wont let me craft it in Survival. 🙁

  16. Guest-8345223599 says:

    This stinks I couldn’t even craft it in survival!

  17. Guest-8345223599 says:

    This stinks I couldn’t even craft it in survival.

  18. Guest-7124217418 says:

    Herobrine Clare(it’s me):
    Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition? It will be downloaded there in the form of emeralds.
    In order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
    (emeralds are freely available, and people can get emeralds for free every day)

  19. Guest-3523638921 says:

    dude the link does not work

  20. Guest-4865948512 says:

    it works up until you have to stand next to it for it to jump on, i have been waiting like 5 minutes now.

  21. Guest-8536014436 says:

    I tested it out and everything is working fine!!!

  22. Guest-3296169634 says:

    does anyone know what long clicking is

  23. Guest-2587527582 says:

    Dont waste your time downloading this mod. It doesn’t work. When you crafted the backpack you can’t play it, both in creative and in survival mode. It just acts like your breaking blocks. Plus it’s hard enough to download the mod.

  24. Guest-2136118158 says:

    Okay so like I used creative mode to place the bag, for now that’s the only solution for the mean time

  25. Guest-3515313114 says:

    When you lock it, how do you open back again

  26. Guest-1210329346 says:

    I love it ! so createave

    • Guest-1608797810 says:

      how do you even get it onto mincraft .

      • Guest-5137785488 says:

        You can check youtube cause it’s a long process. Just locate the files in your downloads, then move the R1 file to development_resource_pack and the B1 file to development_behaviour_pack which are both in Games/Minecraft, for Android.

  27. Guest-6676854648 says:

    Hola! Muy buen addon excepto por el hecho de que se saca muy fácilmente hasta al ir corriendo podrías hacer algo como un botón o algo para controlarlo mejor

  28. Guest-9552671540 says:

    i cant even place the backpack down, this mod needs a lot of work clearly.

    • Guest-7106275096 says:

      Have you tried holding with thr backpack in your hand…if you haven’t then your another level of stupidity as you dont know what a description is

  29. Guest-4465138207 says:

    Not place

  30. Guest-5548763062 says:

    I can’t open place it down I’ve held it down for the max of 5 minutes

  31. Guest-3805024042 says:

    I can’t pick up my backpack

  32. Guest-7053809700 says:

    It won’t let me download the addon, but I’m sure this is an amazing addon!

  33. Guest-6980971506 says:

    Can I heal the backpack when it takes damage?

  34. Guest-4287905232 says:


  35. Guest-7114056402 says:

    Cool!Works Fine For Me!Very Cool!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  36. Guest-5915902730 says:

    Why can’t i download the ad on

  37. Guest-7000431289 says:

    Doesn’t work. I can craft it and place it down, open the menu, claim it and everything but it won’t jump onto my back. I’ve tried everything I can think of, experimental gameplay, restarting minecraft, taking off my chestplate and the thing in my offhand. but nothing works. It’s a shame because I’d really love this addon.

  38. Guest-3132730024 says:

    It was working the first time I tried it but then when I tried to use it a second time, I couldn’t wear it. I was walking around it jumping nothing happened but in positive the first time I tried it perfectly worked. I restarted my minecraft but it still didn’t work. Help?

  39. Guest-3381803813 says:

    it dosent craft

  40. Guest-3915141915 says:

    it dosent direct me past the ad

  41. Guest-1834194563 says:

    Is it multiplayer friendly?

  42. century173 says:

    I can’t pick it up….i did everything and still nothing…can you update this so it’ll work? And actually go through ur add-on

    • TRM says:

      You need to enable experimental gameplay inorder for it to work
      but in the other hand, you can use my addon i actually fixed the backpack and the locking system works perfectly but the thing is you cant place it down. Its now fixed and will be released maybe tomorrow on “More Stuff v0.3” update.
      credits to Artic Studios 🙂

  43. Guest-2392681291 says:

    It is saying that there are more dependencies for it to work even though I have turned on experimental gameplay

    • century173 says:

      I can’t pick it up….i did everything and still nothing…can you update this so it’ll work? And actually go through ur add-on

  44. Guest-6174549424 says:

    It lets me open and close it, but it won’t let me wear it! Plz respond…

  45. Guest-3777517213 says:

    Trying to get this to work on my realm, but it becomes invisible.

  46. Guest-3651898841 says:

    mod works great! i used it cross play (PC & PS4) and it worked flawlessly! i just wish they could make it so not just anybody can walk over your backpack and pick it up. kinda defeats the whole purpose of locking it if someone can just run away with it and beat it open like a pinata! lol still enjoyed the mod tho, its really useful for anyone who gets a cluttered inventor.

  47. minebuilder3 says:

    I’m playing on Windows 10 and i cannot get the backpack to be placed down

  48. Guest-5687930726 says:

    I can’t wear this. But I can open it and close.

  49. Guest-8299617345 says:

    would be nice if the adfly page was real not allow notifications on this unsafe bs

  50. Guest-5600601852 says:

    Can you please make it Mediafire so i can download it :(((

  51. Guest-4326508573 says:

    Addon was working great til this morning, whatever you added to it since then broke it, the backpack no longer shows up in new servers.

  52. minebuilder3 says:

    I love the addon but i couldn’t get the recipe to work, idk if its a bug or not but its probably just me i can never get addons to work lol

  53. Taltoz says:

    You should update your portal gun addon and please fix some bugs for it.

  54. Guest-8737237742 says:

    Can I use it for my modpack.
    Nice model

  55. Guest-2453142699 says:

    SUPER GENIAL, me das permiso de publicar en mi pagina web con los créditos?

  56. BoxCatMC says:

    I love the new model

  57. Guest-3918297593 says:

    It won’t let me put it on my back also why is a player entity been added

  58. Guest-8885166980 says:

    For some reason I cant craft it but in creative I can get one from the menu but thats it.

  59. Guest-6311953732 says:

    I can’t place the backpack. It just plays a long breaking animation then does nothing

  60. Guest-2142855775 says:

    I can’t take it off my back

  61. Guest-3857621092 says:

    I can’t download it pls use mediafire 🙁 It looks soooo cool!

  62. User-3092900490 says:

    No me funciona en ningun mundo cuando la creo y apreto al suelo no la pone y tampoco lo ase si mantengo a al aire necesito ayuda

  63. User-9098606193 says:

    It works great in a regular singleplayer world but whenever I try to bring it to my Realms world, it does not work. Does anyone have or had this issue and know what to do? Thanks

  64. User-5772415536 says:

    It works however my minecraft is 1.15 and I would like to know when the addon will be updated because I would really enjoy being able to use it

  65. Monochrome571 says:

    It works on a normal world but when I tried to make a realm with it it I cant craft it and it doesnt appear in the recipes does it work on realms?

  66. Sam says:

    Do I need turn on experimental bc I want other mods on with this

  67. Gr33nz says:

    I can use the function to bring up the menu, but I can’t spawn the backpack in by long tapping. If it’s in my hand, I can long tap to open it, but I can’t put anything in it.

  68. p3r50n says:

    dude stop using adfly

  69. Supernova says:

    How are you guys downloading this? The download link wont even let me reach the download site, it fails after I click the adfly countdown.

    • CuteCat Alina says:

      Don’t worry, you have two files to downloadind, there below downloads word, please download the both files and run it on your game by clicking on files which ended by .acddon, havr nice time

  70. Rhemmy says:

    For which version is it functional? I am using and it allows me to create it, but it does not let me place it on the floor so I can use it. I only have a flat backpack in my hand. Could you help me?

  71. Prieto Man says:

    But why does it resist damage and can a backpack die? I mean it’s good that you return the chest and everything you had in it when it dies but the leather? I could not do that I can not resist damage (which would be the most logical thing xd) or at least return the backpack itself or the leather?

  72. Anonymous says:

    It does not work

  73. TinyTrooper says:

    nice link

  74. k says:

    oh wow,i can’t put this in the floor.

  75. Very good Pack, but it is kinda hard to get it off without picking it up immediately.

  76. Omletter says:

    Hmm yes enslaved backpack

  77. Anonymous says:

    I can’t place it for some reason pls reply

    • Anonymous says:

      Same, I can spawn one in creative mode and it works like it’s supposed to but the crafted one isn’t working, my character just swings it when I long tap.

  78. Sparkyknows1 says:

    How to spawn backpacks on console?

  79. a says:

    make the backpack get off you when you sneak and jump and looking up at the same time ,instead only by jumping and sneaking at the same time, because some time you need to jump and sneak at the same time with out making the backpack get off you

  80. Kallen O’ Boi says:


  81. Weasel The Great says:

    iOS 13 doesn’t let me install the addon, can you add a zip file link?

    • Chariz Clemente says:

      You can use The documents app and export downloaded files straight from your downloads to the app. After that, just tap the exported file and it should have an option to open it in Minecraft. I have iOS 13 and it’s worked for every single thing I download.

  82. Fixed22344 says:

    Finally, I appreciate it very much that you have updated the addon

  83. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to download it but it looks fun

  84. Gardevoir says:

    I want lick someone UWU

  85. Kyuiba says: is an Adware.. >:C
    and i have the Addon with the help of AdBlocker & Avast

  86. Ban says:

    I cannot download it

  87. BurgerManBruh says:

    The backpack doesn’t jump on me when I stand on it. Please help.

  88. doge says:

    all good but the backpack stays on the floor and does not come with me

  89. dn says:

    But ure taking credit for a mod that was made 5 years ago

  90. DylanGamer says:

    Every time I press the download button it takes me to a random website like roblox. Pls fix.

  91. Unicorn says:


  92. Anonymous says:

    Can you put a Mediafire link i Cant download it!!! Pls And put suported to The beta version pls

  93. Yungchol says:

    I can do everything else but wear the backpack.

  94. Ben says:

    To everyone who is complaining this mod doesn’t work it’s because it’s outdatted you can spawn it in but standing near it does nothing. So we gotta wait till they update it and they need to add a binding key to equip these backpacks honestly. Stood near it it never jumped on my back. Also feeding a backpack a feather is also stupid…

  95. Piika972 says:

    Well, I was able to create the bag, but I can’t put it on the floor

  96. David says:

    I want it in 1.13! pls!

  97. EnZV12 says:

    make 1.13 pls !

  98. Zetto says:

    Does this still work? Or does it work for the latest versions ?

  99. Emmanuel says:

    No he podido poner mochila en el suelo

  100. cagethelonewolf says:

    downloaded the addon but can’t even make the bookbag? i have both b and r packs on

  101. Marta says:

    I’ve just tried it and it works perfectly on 1.12 by itself, but when I add another add-on like “Tree Capitator” it doesn’t, how can I fix it?

    • annonymous boi says:

      its actually because when you have more than one mod on your minecraft world , the mods stacks each other like , if you put two mods , maybe one mod can break the other mod because of similar scripting .

  102. Gabriek says:

    ¿Como la rompo?

  103. Izzy.swins says:

    I can’t even download it , howwww

  104. Kayla says:

    Im so exciteddd!!!

  105. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Remove the shadow from Backpacks and make it undamaged and not affected by fire and lava and add larger sizes .
    Sorry my english is very bad this google translation

  106. Ginfern says:

    I can’t wear it! I tryed but I can’t!

  107. Firecharger says:

    How do I wear it? Plz help me

  108. Anonymous says:

    How do u get the item back good addon

  109. Emily says:

    When I try to place a backpack on the ground, it disappears but I can still click on it and use it, I just can’t see the backpack. How can I fix this?

  110. PLS HELP says:

    How do you take it off?

  111. Kayla says:

    I actually like it, the only problem I have is the medium backpack not carrying water like it said.

  112. Help says:

    Hi I tried crafting it with leather it didn’t work

  113. Amber says:

    Frankly, I’m going to keep the older version because the big backpack on it has 27 slots, where this one only has 15.

  114. Simple Craft says:

    Pretty darn good addon and really not much more needed for any improvement though the only the only thing I believe that needs to be added is a way of keepinventory working on backpacks so you don’t lose it when you die, maybe add so when it’s tamed with a trip hook it Teleports to your location when it’s on the ground like a dog or any other pet would

  115. Aldika arkhan faturocman says:

    Adhi apa

  116. Farras games says:


  117. DuhVirus says:

    Im on xbox and Im unable to place the backpack ami doing something wrong or is it a bug?

  118. Knightten says:

    Can someone tell me how to place it on Xbox one bedrock? I’m kind of confused

  119. Anonymous says:

    Help I can not place the backpack and I am in 1.12.0 and I keep doing a Long tap and always read the instructions. Am I doing something wrong or am I glitched?

  120. MurderDanarX says:

    I Can Help Some Players Can’t Download This Mod I know this is add-on but i call it mod Because All Them Is Special and thanks for creators of add-ons and yes When You Enter the link it shows some steps then click a text of blue color then shows a link of link watch Right Screen Discover Perfectly it shows Button of “Skip Ad” its yellow color then it redirects then Become happy 😊 It works AND ENNNNJOY!!!🙃🥳😘 If you Play Pubg mobile Send add friend a Write message “be my friend (you helped me from mcpedl!)” it’s ok if you don’t send I have a Set in my outfit i weared Called “Swordsman Set” Kill 100 enemy With assault rifle to get m416 skin in pubg mobile

  121. Sofia says:

    HELP id ont now ohw to do it

  122. H.L. says:

    please have it on media fire because I can’t open ecleneue but the pictures look really cool.

  123. anonymous says:

    This was cool

  124. StrangeDude says:

    I cannot get the liquid functionality to work.
    I’m using the Addon on 1.12 mcpe with experimental mode on.
    I’ve tried the instructions both in creative and survival, besides that everything functions properly

  125. reyfenix1243 says:

    the add-on is perfect, its textures are beautiful, the only problem is that you can not use the backpacks, you can save things and block it, but you can not use them, I am in 1.3 in survival with more add-ons, try using them in a new world in creative and not let you use them either.

  126. Anonymous says:

    For some reason whenever I have other add-ons it glitches and makes me not able to place the backpack :/

  127. Darren says:

    Hey man idk why but can anyone tell me why the backpack is a black egg please!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Most likely, you have the behaviour pack on, but not the recourse pack. If you apply them both, it should work properly.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Once you put liquids in the backpack you can’t get them back out.

  129. CrazyDuck says:

    Please can you make a .zip file instead as I can only download those currently on my iPhone which is on iOS 13. I really would enjoy playing minecraft with this addon. Please.

  130. HaydenLavarias says:

    Hey can u fix the guide in the
    Help it wont work to me Its Glitching but the BackPacks are working Pls fix it i love the addon

  131. Vinci says:

    I couldn’t craft it, so I got from creative but I can’t make it bigger

  132. Yolo says:

    Umm does this conflict with any other addon

  133. Jellyblobbob says:

    ITS AMAZING! Everything worked perfectly! If anyone for some reason can not craft the backpacks turn on experimental gameplay. And the backpacks just take a long time to kill just be patient it took me five hits with a diamond sword to kill. Awesome mod 10/10

  134. Anonymous says:

    How do you unlock the backpacks???

  135. Anonymous says:

    Could you make a .zip file?

  136. Test says:

    Make it compatible with other addons

  137. Liam says:

    I’m on Xbox and it doesn’t let me break the backpack once placed PLEASE HELP

  138. DanteTorobolin says:

    Domesticate the backpack, put it on, I wanted to put it passing over it but it wouldn’t let me, help, and it’s a great mod, I hope the actualizen: D

  139. Anonymous says:

    I can craft and wear it. Everything is fine but i can’t break it even using stick and crouching.

  140. Vanja says:

    It seems that the backpack is preventing travel to Nether, i.e. the animation for travel doesn’t start when backpack is equipped.

    Using version 1.1.1 on Windows 10.

    • DirtyXan says:

      Stand in the portal, take the backpack off, let the backpack teleport to the nether first then you can teleport and your backpack should be there.

  141. Dakota says:

    Experimental mode breaks this mod, the backpacks are indestructible and cannot be worn. I would like to see this fixed, if possible, otherwise it works fine and is a great mod.

  142. Anonymous says:

    Instantly found a problem once I did get it to work, It falls right off when walking on half slabs. mods useless.

  143. Animal~Chan says:

    I cant get the backpack on bro

  144. Hans says:

    I cannot destroy it. I’m on iOS. I can place, wear, open and dye it,

  145. kireita says:

    I can spawn it, i can dye it but i cannot wear it, is this a known bug? i have v1.12.0 and experimental gameplay on.

  146. Human from Earth says:

    There’s not a way to craft the backpack, did I do something wrong or is it just glitched?

  147. BladerPro766 says:

    I have a map that I make it have too many add-on in that I put this add-on and spawn eggs just turned into black

  148. doesn't matter says:

    I made a survival world with the backbag and i can’t make it can someone plz help me?

  149. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get them on my back

  150. Alesscreeper says:

    I’ve already tried everything by downloading the old version for windows to the current one and I can’t get it to work, for some reason I can’t carry it on my back, any help? (I’m in the latest beta version in windows 10)

  151. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Why does the download button put me in mediafire but the version is 1.10?

  152. Anonymous says:

    Please update this mod. I love having backpacks in Minecraft. Also, what if backpacks could replace your chest armor or shield slot? I hate the idea that sneak jumping could make me accidentally leave my backpack in a random cave.

  153. Kokonut says:

    I’m on Android, playing MCPE 1.12 and I CANNOT craft or even wear the backpack (i’ve turned on experimental gameplay) when I have another mod in that world. I can spawn it in creative mode but cant wear it either. The only time I can use it is when I only add it in the world without other addon, and this is sad.

  154. ThatGirl says:

    No? Ok, nevermind

  155. Ace says:

    Why couldn’t I get my backpack in me? I’m in 1.12 and I tried everything,I crouch,walk over it,sprinting over it,jumping over it.nothing

  156. Anonymous says:

    How do you make the backpack because when I make it it won’t work

  157. Anonymous says:

    how do you pick it back up

  158. TheMaxinGaMe156 says:

    Craft is doesn’t work!

  159. Darth Maul 1337 says:

    Everything works now but it conflicts with vanilla+ Weapons DAT by TheCharizard it messes up with the speed buffs on the weapons. Please fix! other than that great addon

  160. TheCreativeGuy says:

    Im going to use this in a modded survival ill give you all credits for this

  161. Jace says:

    So does this not work for 1.12 now since it’s updated for 1.13? Because I can’t get it to come up in my addons.

  162. James says:

    Sticks do not allow you to destroy the backpack in version 1.13, also I suddenly cannot open my backpack and retrieve the items from it

    • Gurpreet says:

      you need to tame the back packs with a trip wire then sneak with a stick and you have deystoryed it works in 1.13

    • Frankie says:

      I’m having the same problem with destroying the backpack

      However my friend had the issue after we loaded the world up where he couldnt open his own bag, turns out I was the one that could somehow unlock it now, maybe try get a friend to unlock the bag instead.

  163. nobmstr69killer says:

    Not working with VeinMiner I guees becuse they both usin crouch

  164. nobmstr69killer says:

    Now working with VeinMiner I guess because they both using crouch

  165. Frankie says:

    Updated to 1.13 today, I cannot destroy the backpack with the stick, once I place it theres no way to make it into a bigger backpack,

  166. Plum says:

    Plz make for IOS

  167. Cody says:

    Seriously why does every download link for a small addon redirect you to a super inappropriate dating website its just gross

  168. ThisJobYT says:

    This addon has three different sites to download, but they all lead me to a video link instead of a download link! Fix this please!

  169. Anonymous says:

    how do you download this addon it links me to a fishy “get money when people visit your website” page and not an actual download link.

  170. somebody says:

    Someone already make this addon !!! and you dont have any lisence by that guy

  171. Udf says:

    Woooooooooooooow I’m impressed by this.😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆😆🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  172. Oz_Ar4L says:

    It does not seem to work in WIndows 10 Edition. I’m with version 1.12.0

  173. Anonymous says:

    Crafting doesn’t work im in 1.12 but i can get them in creative

  174. Charles says:

    Please make a Mediafire download android i can’t cuz it has blocked

  175. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay creator I just have one problem…. IT DOSENT TAKE ME TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE!!!! PLEASE JUST FIX THIS!!!

  176. Vanilla Backpacks Team says:

    If you can’t get the backpack to ride you, your on 1.13. it says in the title (1.12) for a reason.

  177. Anon says:

    Is an iOS version gonna be made?

  178. Ashleigh says:

    Omg I can do everything BUT PUT IT ON!!!

  179. AgentCPU0 says:

    I’m having issues getting the backpacks from getting off my back by crouching. Is this a bug?

  180. SSB Beat says:

    This add-on is great!! If only it was a item and not a mob that can take damage it would be awesome if only you could put the backpack on in the inventory near we’re the armor is placed

    • Vanilla Backpacks Team says:

      😂 The Backpack had 20000 health and most types of damage won’t effect it, so why are you worried?

  181. Tsvetomir Iliev says:

    I am on Windows 10 edition, v1.12.0, found some backpacks at a mineshaft wagon, I place the backpack on the ground and I cant tame it, when I have tripwire hook in my hand I right click it just opens the bag thats on the ground, same with emerald.

  182. Glocc5000 says:

    When are you gonna update it for 1.13?

  183. Sailbrog says:

    Mind Using Adfly Instead Of That One My Chrome Only Says That Your Shortener Is Bad And A Virus

  184. Bambii says:

    Hey there! The add-on is awesome. I love how the items actually show up in the creative inventory (most add-ons don’t do that!) and the textures are pretty sweet. The backpacks can be placed, destroyed, opened, tamed, unlocked and locked. I have tried everything however to equip the backpack and it just won’t work. I’ve tried standing near it and leaving it for five minutes, standing underneath it and breaking blocks so it lands on my head and walking around it in circles but it will not go onto my character. I’m on iOS with version 1.12 and experimental gameplay is on… please help because I’d love for this to work!

  185. Moon says:

    If you don’t want the backpack on your back what can we do if we wanna keep it in our inventory

  186. Nope says:

    Link won’t work for me

  187. JellyPaladin says:

    Uh… tameable backpacks? That part is weird, but it’s a great addon.

  188. Geoelitez says:

    awesome mod but you can’t use bows, crossbows or tridents without killing the backpack, is there a fix for this?

  189. A person that needs help with this! says:

    How do I download it? Btw I’m on iOS

  190. FiveFormula7373 says:

    This cool be for the school addon

  191. nicceee says:

    Help!! I can tame the backpack and lock/unlock it, but it wont hop on me when I walk by or stand by it. im on WIndows 10. Please help!!!

  192. Ruct_gamer says:

    When I zoomed in, is not my backpack equipped? :c

  193. Anonymous says:

    IT doesn’t work give me other things to web site 🤔.

  194. Mitornimo says:

    I need help, I’m on windows 10, I downloaded the addon and put it on a world, (experimental world), I can get the backpacks and spawn them, but I cant tame them cause it just opens the inventory, shifting or not as well I cant seem to get it to go onto my back for the life of me, so please I suggest an in-detail guide to all versions with this addon (WIndows 10, PE, and consol) as well as an update to help with taming, maybe make it so you can’t even open it until tamed

    • Vanilla Backpacks Team says:

      That’s an excellent idea! We sure will! Also, check the YouTube video if your having trouble.

  195. Anonymous says:

    Can I please yous this for my map I’ll give you full credit for the backpacks

  196. Ice-mirage says:


  197. Vanilla Backpacks Team says:

    Hey guys! If you have any problems feel free to contact any of us via Twitter dm’s. Links under credit’s!

  198. User says:

    Although I find this to be an extremely fun and useful addon for Minecraft, there’s just one little problem that almost makes the game unplayable! Whenever you have the backpack on and you try to use a ranged weapon like a bow or crossbow, the arrows tend to hit the backpack causing damage to the backpack and preventing the arrow from traveling toward the intended path of travel. This causes myself to have to take off the backpack every time I decide to use a ranged weapon, which can be a bit time consuming! Maybe you can fix this problem by reducing the size of the hit box of the backpack entity. Nonetheless, I had a really fun time with this addon and I hope to see further improvement on it in the near future!

  199. Florian Cassagne says:

    It makes me think of the school and I’m in holidays 😂😂😂

  200. Florian Cassagne says:

    The “Parrot” in the backpack inventory 😐

  201. Jeremy says:

    Your amazing for updating this like honestly amazing thier are only 2 improvements that can be made for the better
    1. (Backpacks naturally spawn) Instead of having to sacrifice diamonds to the nether gods to get it to spawn
    2. (MCPE: Take off backpack buy long pressing at the ground instead of crouching)
    (Windows 10: buy right clicking on the ground instead of crouching) you get the point

    Hope this gets updated your amazing for doing this people have been wanting this for a long time thank you

  202. Ryan says:

    Update Please… This Add on crash in new version of Minecraft

  203. Haytham Halawane says:

    That’s Good


  204. GWM YT says:

    What Happened with the versions of MCBE in which it works? #whereistheversion

  205. Anonymous says:

    it wont even load in please fix it i wanted so e backpack it only crashed my game

  206. Anonymous says:

    I seem to be having a problem with this mod. The download worked fine, and I can equip the add-on into my world however its spawn eggs are pure black and when placed the bag is invisible. Here is something to note: I have multiple add ons and they all work fine with it equipped. I put the add-on in a world that was already made and also in a new world. All worlds were made into [EX]. Also I play on Xbox, this might be why but I need someone to help out

  207. Head says:

    Thanks for making this I’m on iOS and ima build the school I go to this will be great for the build

  208. Abigail says:

    hi ummm i like your add-on its really cool and fun to use it and i think it’s a really cool add-on to use for rolplay and I just luv it so plz make more add-ons like this😜

  209. Jessie gomez says:

    Las mochilas son invisibles :/

  210. Confuzzled person says:

    Loaded easily, but when I placed it, it was invisible.. I don’t know what to do, because when I break it, it’s becomes a chest, just fix it please

  211. DaQMeister says:

    Hey it’s on [EX] and [EDU] and it’s not working for 1.10

  212. Anonymous says:

    The backpacks are invisible

  213. Anonymous says:

    can i please get help because it says

    Missing dependency with ID ‘1ab5f436-cf21-442c-99ba-0555a552e714’ and version ‘0.0.5’.

    i dont know what that means please help

    • ThisJobYT says:

      I think what it means is that either you don’t have the right link, you still have the old 1.8-1.9 version of this addon, you are on 1.9-1.10, or you crashed your game so much that you might have glitched the resource pack. Either one.

  214. Anonymous says:

    hey it tells me

    Missing dependency with ID ‘1ab5f436-cf21-442c-99ba-0555a552e714’ and version ‘0.0.5’.

    i need help

  215. Anonymous says:

    What about a zip file

  216. Anonymous says:

    Just like many other people, the spawn rate for backpacks is WAY too high. Maybe instead of having them spawn somewhere you can make the craftable so they aren’t EVERYWHERE. I find it very annoying to have backpacks everywhere, but I love the addon in general and how well it is made otherwise.

  217. Desert Eagle says:

    Can you make the backpacks’ spawning rate a lot less because it spawn all over my map, or make it tradable with villagers please otherwise this addon is awesome

  218. Amber says:

    Ever since last night’s MC hotfix, I have backpacks spawning in dozens at a time in various places throughout my world. Also, backpack lost on teleport, eventually it sometimes shows up at the origin location. Otherwise, love this mod!

  219. Samantha Rees says:

    Is there a way to remove the backpacks from spawning all over the map and just spawn a single backpack with creative mode? I don’t like all these backpacks littered throughout my world.
    Love this mod!

  220. River says:

    Love it though i dont like having so many random backpacks all over my map.

  221. Cass says:

    The addon makes my minecraft crash OwO

  222. Justin Holland says:

    This is an awesome addon, thank you for creating it. My only problem is that I could not get it to work on my realm

  223. Keekks says:

    Uhhh this didn’t work I tried it and it just had pure black spawn eggs that spawned nothing it said there are no errors and all the pack stuff is on the world please explain

  224. Brent says:

    Is there any kind of command to spawn the backpack??

  225. ItsJay says:

    i cant find the backpack!

  226. Ahmedwolfy says:

    This Update Is Little Crazy The Backpacks Spawn In Huge Numbers! Mostly in Plain Biome! I Found More Then 5 Backpacks! Man This Update Is awesome! 😄😄😍😍😜

  227. Ahmedwolfy says:

    You Must Have 1.9 Beta That Contains Experimental Gameplay

  228. Haha says:

    I cant activate experimental gameplay

  229. Dragonrider says:

    Best addon!!,i want a backpack for horses😘😘

  230. A Minecraft Player says:

    It works on 1.8, but can’t be locked

  231. Ahmedwolfy says:

    If It Invisible You Must Enable [EX] For The World soo To Make It Non-Invisible

  232. Sillyashton769 says:

    It works for me but its invisible but works so I’m not complaning.

  233. HirwrC says:

    So, this doesn’t work on 1.8 right?

  234. Vanessa says:

    I think minecraft is awsome😘😎

  235. raquel says:

    how do you find one??

  236. Damarrakha25 says:

    This Addon so coll, please create Quiver addon!. You is the best!

  237. Anonymous says:

    wheres the inventory

  238. TheLogicalTester says:

    It works perfectly fine to me, though. You need to tame it with emerald, even though the inventory has no inventory size. And dye it, so uou can open the inventory.

  239. Lexi'Sundae says:

    Why the inventory doesn’t work?Form the fist version it’s work but now it’s doesn’t 🙁

  240. zelkat13 says:

    You could give the backpacks infinite resistance so they could be harder to… be killed lol, and maybe a way to “heal it” (or repair it) by feeding with ghost membrane since right now only repairs Elytras

  241. Stormcrafter says:

    The backpack doesnt properly follow you when you swim it just floats

  242. Ronaldo says:

    After the update I can no longer open the inventory of the backpack after locking it

  243. ItsSkitPlays says:

    Oh lol nvm i didnt turn on experimental mode on xD

  244. ItsSkitPlays says:

    The spawn eggs are black and when i spawn it its invisible lol, i can open it but i cant restore anything…

  245. Glazed says:

    Hey creator so at this new update you can’t put items to it anymore it won’t work even the inventory bar for the backpack is not there its just filled with gray emptyness

  246. DiegoPlayer42 says:

    Where is backpack inventory???? 3 stars – _-

  247. ChannelBiyu says:

    Cool Addon 👍

  248. Choosyhealer16 says:

    Ummm I think I’m on the wrong version even though I do experimental gameplay I can’t find it anywhere in creative mode

  249. Nazif/AwayGamer666 says:

    I think u should have given the ride/jockey backpack option so it doesnt fall off. We could simply unride it to manage it

  250. Somebody says:

    I got v1. 9 and now I installed this addon and furnicraft but they work good but when u spawn them they don’t show plsss help me!

  251. why tho says:

    This is so scummy, you separated the resource and behaviour packs just so you could get double the adfly bonus.

  252. Anonymous says:


  253. HanprogYT says:

    Link broken

  254. Anónimo says:

    The backpack is not going to my back. Helpp

  255. Anonymous says:

    Kinda cool init

  256. GrimCreeper says:

    Can you make it so the bag can’t die

  257. Baconoverlycooked says:

    How would you get the backpack in creative mode??

  258. Anonymous says:

    Please change the way to take it off, maybe change it to sneak instead of jump

  259. ThePaster says:

    Looks Cool! Nick work!

  260. Harrison says:

    Can you please update Minecraft PE so the people that play it can get the orange box with inventory? We don’t want to look for the orange box to use it.

    Ps your game is the best game ever and I play it a lot

  261. None says:

    Wait its not vanilla minecraft if it needs a addon. Things like this can only be called vanilla minecraft if they us command blocks not addons. Know your lingo

  262. ItzLandoPlayz says:

    I mean its good and all, but you cant really go places, sense it replaces a parrot its gotta be jump to get it off, and im sure theres no way to stop that but it would have been cool if the jump thing didn’t mess it up.

  263. Man says:

    Cool, but you should make another way to unequip the backpack because its impossible to play without jumping

  264. Sayori says:

    When i shot my arrow the arrow was stuck on my back when i stand still when i took the backpack off it hit the ground and sometime it would kill the backpack too

  265. Plyer 101 says:

    Nothing is an add-on a.p.i

  266. Vault20boy says:

    Can you please change it where you can’t jump to take it off and change it to sneak cause mostly when I adventure I sometimes jump and it drop so I have to make slabs to go up.

  267. KFC GANGSTER says:


  268. ItzLandoPlayz says:


  269. Spydacrafta says:

    Awesome addon

  270. Jackson says:

    It does not have vehicle

  271. Anonymous says:

    Every time I click the link to the download it keeps taking me to different random websites that have nothing to do with this.

  272. Asher Rucker says:

    If you update this add on you should add backpacks with special designs. Like a skull one or a creeper one would be cool. I don’t think they should do anything though

  273. Dragon flight 208 says:

    What does it replace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. KupaKar says:

    Does the backpack replace an animal, or is it it’s own individual entity? Please Reply!

  275. Jayson Bush says:


  276. Awesome gamer aviation says:

    Parrot: What a beatif- *TRANSFORM INTO BACKPACK*
    Parrot: NOOOOOO! I became a backpack!

  277. Ronaldo says:

    would be perfect if there was another way to unbalance, because you can not play minecraft without jumping!

  278. gamingstats says:


  279. Lloyd says:

    If the way to get it off is to jump, that kinda ruins its purpose, since you’d use it on an adventure or a mining spree. Why not sneak to take it off?

  280. Glazed says:

    Finally someone made a LEGIT backpack addon! You made my dream come true now im looking forward for someone making a drone addon and keep aup the Good work!!!

  281. JT2003Gamer says:

    It’s cool but why does times drop off your back everytime you jump?

    • Person says:

      Its because the backpacks are a replacement of a Parrot. Normally when you jump, the Parrots fall off your back and they follow you, so this is why the backpacks fall off and follow you. The Parrots were the most reasonable to implement into backpacks.

  282. SomeoneYoullNeverKnow says:

    Does this work on mcpe?

  283. Beverly Trimmell says:

    Sometimes the backpack shows up as a moveable entity, and moves to a different place than where I place it.

  284. Ignacio says:

    Where’s the backpack inventory? It does not appear

  285. CreepyBread says:

    first!!!,and cool addon

  286. screemu the good boi says:

    I can’t find it, what does it replace?

  287. The Striker says:


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