Published on October 31, 2020 (Updated on November 06, 2020)

Vanilla Blocks Variants!

Need something to improve your world? Or something to spice up Minecraft? Vanilla Block Variants add almost 30+ variants of Vanilla Block, not including isotropic textures that make block has different directions. Without any behavior pack! So it can be applied anywhere, anytime!

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-Added Logs (except Acacia and Dark Oak) , Podzol, Mossy Cobblestone, Dead Bush, Andesite, Granite, Diorite.

-Added Soul Soil and Basalt.

- Texture fix for Dirt, Stone, and Soul Sand

- Added Isotropic textures to 1 side textured block for more variants


  • Vanilla Block Variants v3.mcpack
  • Vanilla Block Variants

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Can u add variation to calcite? It has a pattern which is annoying to build with and has alot of potential with diorite! Maybe try changing the lines thar go across the block to be different!
Tutorial please,i would like it
Can you add leaves variants with flowers
And also different variations on crops and other foliages......please😘🙏❤️
Make a tutorial
The Zombified Piglin trun into Zombie Pigman change it
Will you be updating this once the caves and cliffs update releases. This texture pack is by far my favorite texture pack for Minecraft pocket edition, I use it in all my worlds, it is especially good in mod packs, I like it for it’s amazing diversity. this pack has been able to accomplish amazing diversity that I don’t believe anyone has been able to accomplish at least on MCPEDL or MCPE in general. I am looking forward to your reply. great pack, good fun!
Adoraria árvores coloridas.
Mas o addon e ótimo realmente muito bom.
Some tweaks I recommend If you can't do them it's fine):
- Fix red sand (red sand looks like normal sand)
- Remove mossy bookshelves and stone variants (When I build it makes the build dirty and old)
- Make podzol sides normal (So that packs that make the grass part longer compatible)
- Better falling sand (The sand changes back to its normal state when it falls)
- Netherite (It's hard to see)

Some blocks I think would be nicely variated:
- Bricks so they all aren't perfect (Stone, Normal, Nether, Red Nether, Endstone, Prismarine, Blackstone) (All types)
- Concrete Powders
- Sandstones (Normal, Red) (All types)
- Nether blocks (Wart blocks, Nylium, Stems, Magma
- Walls, Fences, Gates, Slabs, Stairs, Doors, Trapdoors, Planks, Saplings, Ices, Mushroom Blocks, Workstations
- Prismarine, Hay Bales, Bone Blocks, Cactus, Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, TNT
- Corals (Corals, Dead Corals, Coral Blocks, Dead Coral Blocks)
Yea i would agree with you those are realy somme good improvements
Productive_Villager February 27, 2021 at 6:21 am
This is brilliant!
I may be wrong, but I think that the person making the "Minecraft PvP Edition" resource pack is using your variants in it.
its ok he use it with my permission :
Can you fix the texture of sand and red sand ???
It make red sand looks like sand
Hello! It's a really nice RP, but why blocks like soul sand, netherrack have old sound? It's a glitch or further?
Hello DerpCraft,
I LOVE vanilla block variants but, how do you do it? I’m making a pack myself and I don’t want to steal your assets. Can you send me a tutorial or something? Thanks a lot.
-Enda Werkz
Wow you really are trying! Although some textures just don't work at all
What textures don’t work? Do you mind clarifying? Your message isn’t much help otherwise; the creator doesn’t know what to fix.
ScubaDiving Squirrel November 06, 2020 at 11:10 pm
I've longed for such a texture pack in bedrock for years! Thank you so much for creating this! 11/10
How it work?? I need to make my own with my own textures but I didnt understand how this work =(
you just create a variation tag in the terrain_texture.json and add more textures