Published on September 15, 2017 (Updated on March 18, 2023)

Vanilla Deluxe: Legacy UI Packs (for v1.19.70 and v1.19.80 beta/preview)

Important: Read carefully before download and use!

What is Vanilla Deluxe Legacy UI?

Before "Modified Vanilla" and "Vanilla enhanced". Is an unofficial TP/RP that would improve UI and other assets.

Actually, is a testing TP made since fall 2016, oriented to port menus and container/inventory GUI textures from Java Edition to Bedrock Edition more easily and efficient! At the moment there are 3 types:

Legacy Desktop UI: Convert base game interface to Java Edition interface style! Of course, not all screens were modified, but I will add more in future versions!

Legacy Mixed UI: It is the improved version of the HUD UI and inventory containers still with base game style, with the small combination of Java Edition and Legacy Console Edition parts.

Legacy PvP UI: The same between Mixed UI and Java UI, but the UI design is mainly based on JE 1.8, the version most used to play PvP servers. Now has almost clear Chat BG and Scoreboard BG without red score numbers.

Bottom Chat UI: Is a standalone version of the Bottom Chat UI in HUD and the main message screen without need of main packs resources, keeping the original UI from Minecraft Bedrock.

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v1.2.5 (plus v1.2.4) [19 March 2023] (1.19.70 and 1.19.80 beta/preview)


  • Added Hanging Sign screen.
  • Added Smithing Table v2 screen.
  • Added local world items warning in play screen, only for beta/preview builds.
  • Added world folder name information, but only works on Android or Win10, and, if world icon is set.
  • Added new world create screen, from JE 1.19.4 Pre1, but only works on some Android devices...
  • Added "Mute Emote Chat" toggle in chat settings.
  • Added "ip_safety_dialog" screen.


  • The compatibility to use with other add-ons with custom crafting table UI, due visibility errors.


  • Updated for v1.19.70 and v1.19.80 preview versions.
  • Fixed a bug where some items in furnace recipe book were wrong in the latest stable version.
  • Fixed a bug where compass icon (item renderer) was a egg item in creative inventory screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Crafting Table UI doesn't appear in some cases.
  • Updated creative tabs size to match JE v1.19.3
  • Bug fixes for related tab icons in creative.
  • Updated options screen:
    • Touch options has been updated.
    • Added new option: "Account", and "Credits & Attribution".
    • Added 2 new slider options, only in preview versions: Glint Speed, and Glint Strength.
  • Purple border texture nineslice size is now fixed in this version.
  • Compass item renderer in inventory screen doesn't spin anymore in survival mode, but still has the effect in creative mode.
  • Animated ping loading in multiplayer section is now visible again.
  • Added new textures for slider controls, from JE v1.19.4 Pre1.
  • Modified some elements from recipe book panel, based on JE v1.19.4 Pre1.


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

How do i remove the ui packs if the settings (options) doesn't show up?
This comment has been removed
This comment has been removed
Hey this texture is not bad! I like Java sometimes but theres some bugs, when you click the chest it tooks 5-7 secs to open, if you wanna search your friends, the text is short let me explain "Jeronimo 166" My friend Minecraft name it shows "Jeronimo 16"
In Android
can you add a standalone addon of the hover item text and the xp bar
To be honest I like this addon but there is a bug when using this addon with other addons it will make the game crash and can't open the settings menu I have to reinstall minecraft because of an error I can't make the menu up to levels I hope it can be fixed as soon as possible
the text is invisible how to fix?
same, the text is invisible for me too
(i play on mcpe)
no it works now
It works now
what is the difference of this one and the java one
Es lässt die Bedrock Spieler einen Einblick in die Java Version.
put the new version of adoon to play as java
Please add off-hand slot bar
Can you change it so it is mediafire? Cause dropbox doesn't work for me.
Report: for stealing
crafting table doesn't work
hey can you fix the action error, i click it and it doesn't work. hope you can fix it