Published on March 24, 2020 (Updated on September 07, 2021)

OresDimension Addon

This addon adds new ores for the dimensions of the End and the Nether, the ores will be vanilla either diamond, gold, emerald, etc. this for both the end and the nether, soon I will add completely new ores outside of vanilla

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- Ores of the nether added

- Compatibility with current versions

- Textures change

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Its working in the 1.17 update??
What if u wanted to do an end survival u have this mod and sorypops enderite mod but how are u gonna make a furnace also in that mod u have trees in the end custom trees make it so u can use end stone to make a furnace
Can you do nether only ores
Just comment.....,its new because diamond and netherite found in 1 place so,this mod itss great,you know this mod is pretty good ,why because if we armor out of durability we just mine the ore and we have armor again thanks
XD Por un momento pense que hablarías inglés como todos
El addon sirve en la 1.17?
Hola muy buen mod lo podrias actualizar para la 1.17 y poner las nuevas texturas de los ores, el cobre el cuarzo el ancient debris y el ore de las pepitas de oro del nether me encataria broken :( plz direct link?
Guest-7932429918 May 12, 2020 at 6:59 am
Amazing pls ad netherite
Very cool super Very cool perfect!
Great Addon! I like how you made the end worth staying in for a while, it makes it fun to find ores, and it creates a reason to explore the end!