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Published on January 09, 2021 (Updated on January 09, 2021)

Vanilla Farming Wagon

The Vanilla Farming Wagon brings ease to farming your crops or carrying your loot out of a cave.

With it's large on board storage system you will never have to worry about inventory space again

The vanilla Farming Wagon is equipped with a large inventory space to carry anything you need.

Once you have crafted your Wagon (crafting recipe below) you will need to tame it to access the chest within.

Once you have tamed the Wagon only YOU will be able to access all the goodies within.

You tame the Wagon with Sticks

Even though it is a tamed entity it will not follow you around or attack for you......It's a Wagon why would it.

In order to bring your Wagon with you, you will need to attach a lead and wheel it along.

The Wagon comes with it own movement animation (it's small but it's there) and a squeaky wheel sound effect.

Enjoy this addon in either creative or survival

Works on Worlds. Realms and Servers

This addon will have a few updates, Mainly different colour variations.

If you enjoy this addon please leave a comment and a vote if your feeling generous

It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you make a Review please give credits. Thank you.


You will need to download both packs to enjoy this addon

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My sister downloaded it on here phone and she wanted me to rate this so uhh here's 5 stars for entertaining the "rat"
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