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Published on December 14, 2020 (Updated on July 20, 2021)

Vanilla Figurines Add-on (1.16.200+)

This add-on basically adds figurines to minecraft which you can craftv in survival. There're more than 100 of them and you only need a single block of clay to craft one. Their hitbox is not too small so you can stand on them because they're blocks too. From an Ender dragon to the wither, can you collect them all?


Place a block of clay in a stonecutter to get all of the figurines.

All of the following are the mobs that have figurines :

  1. Blue axolotl
  2. Cyan axolotl
  3. Gold axolotl
  4. Lucy axolotl
  5. Wild axolotl
  6. Bat
  7. Bee
  8. Blaze
  9. Black cat
  10. British cat
  11. Calico cat
  12. Jellie cat
  13. Persian cat
  14. Ragdoll cat
  15. Red cat
  16. Siamese cat
  17. Tabby cat
  18. Tuxedo cat
  19. White cat
  20. Cave spider
  21. Chicken
  22. Cow
  23. Creeper
  24. Dolphin
  25. Donkey
  26. Drowned
  27. Elder guardian
  28. Ender dragon
  29. Enderman
  30. Endermite
  31. Evoker
  32. Red fox
  33. White
  34. Glow squid
  35. Goat
  36. Ghast
  37. Guardian
  38. Hoglin
  39. Black horse
  40. Brown horse
  41. Chestnut horse
  42. Creamy horse
  43. Dark-brown horse
  44. Gray horse
  45. White horse
  46. Husk
  47. Iron golem
  48. Brown llama
  49. Trader decor brown llama
  50. Black decor brown llama
  51. Blue decor brown llama
  52. Brown decor brown llama
  53. Cyan decor brown llama
  54. Gray decor brown llama
  55. Green decor brown llama
  56. Light blue decor brown llama
  57. Lime decor brown llama
  58. Magenta decor brown llama
  59. Orange decor brown llama
  60. Pink decor brown llama
  61. Purple decor brown llama
  62. Red decor brown llama
  63. Silver decor brown llama
  64. White decor brown llama
  65. Yellow decor brown llama
  66. Creamy llama
  67. Trader decor creamy llama
  68. Black decor creamy llama
  69. Blue decor creamy llama
  70. Brown decor creamy llama
  71. Cyan decor creamy llama
  72. Gray decor creamy llama
  73. Green decor creamy llama
  74. Light blue decor creamy llama
  75. Lime decor creamy llama
  76. Magenta decor creamy llama
  77. Orange decor creamy llama
  78. Pink decor creamy llama
  79. Purple decor creamy llama
  80. Red decor creamy llama
  81. Silver decor creamy llama
  82. White decor creamy llama
  83. Yellow decor creamy llama
  84. Gray llama
  85. Trader decor gray llama
  86. Black decor gray llama
  87. Blue decor gray llama
  88. Brown decor gray llama
  89. Cyan decor gray llama
  90. Gray decor gray llama
  91. Green decor gray llama
  92. Light blue decor gray llama
  93. Lime decor gray llama
  94. Magenta decor gray llama
  95. Orange decor gray llama
  96. Pink decor gray llama
  97. Purple decor gray llama
  98. Red decor gray llama
  99. Silver decor gray llama
  100. White decor gray llama
  101. Yellow decor gray llama
  102. White llama
  103. Trader decor white llama
  104. Black decor white llama
  105. Blue decor white llama
  106. Brown decor white llama
  107. Cyan decor white llama
  108. Gray decor white llama
  109. Green decor white llama
  110. Light blue decor white llama
  111. Lime decor white llama
  112. Magenta decor white llama
  113. Orange decor white llama
  114. Pink decor white llama
  115. Purple decor white llama
  116. Red decor white llama
  117. Silver decor white llama
  118. White decor white llama
  119. Yellow decor white llama
  120. Magma cube
  121. Mooshroom
  122. Brown mooshroom
  123. Mule
  124. Ocelot
  125. Panda
  126. Angry panda
  127. Brown panda
  128. Lazy panda
  129. Playful panda
  130. Sneezy panda
  131. Worried panda
  132. Blue parrot
  133. Cyan parrot
  134. Green parrot
  135. Red parrot
  136. Silver parrot
  137. Phantom
  138. Pig
  139. Piglin brute
  140. Piglin
  141. Pillager
  142. Polar bear
  143. Pufferfish
  144. Black rabbit
  145. Brown rabbit
  146. Desert rabbit
  147. Salt rabbit
  148. Splotched rabbit
  149. Toast rabbit
  150. White rabbit
  151. Ravager
  152. Salmon
  153. Silverfish
  154. Jeb_ sheep
  155. Black sheep
  156. Blue sheep
  157. Brown sheep
  158. Cyan sheep
  159. Gray sheep
  160. Green sheep
  161. Light blue sheep
  162. Lime sheep
  163. Magenta sheep
  164. Orange sheep
  165. Pink sheep
  166. Purple sheep
  167. Red sheep
  168. Silver sheep
  169. White sheep
  170. Yellow sheep
  171. Black shulker
  172. Blue shulker
  173. Brown shulker
  174. Cyan shulker
  175. Gray shulker
  176. Green shulker
  177. Light blue shulker
  178. Lime shulker
  179. Magenta shulker
  180. Orange shulker
  181. Pink shulker
  182. Purple shulker
  183. Red shulker
  184. Silver shulker
  185. Undyed shulker
  186. White shulker
  187. Yellow shulker
  188. Skeleton
  189. Skeleton horse
  190. Slime
  191. Snow golem
  192. Spider
  193. Squid
  194. Stray
  195. Strider
  196. Suffocating strider
  197. Turtle
  198. Vex
  199. Classic blacksmith villager
  200. Classic butcher villager
  201. Classic cleric villager
  202. Classic farmer villager
  203. Classic librarian villager
  204. Classic nitwit villager
  205. New desert villager
  206. New desert armorer villager
  207. New desert butcher villager
  208. New desert cartographer villager
  209. New desert cleric villager
  210. New desert farmer villager
  211. New desert fisherman villager
  212. New desert fletcher villager
  213. New desert leatherworker villager
  214. New desert librarian villager
  215. New desert nitwit villager
  216. New desert shepherd villager
  217. New desert stonemason villager
  218. New desert toolsmith villager
  219. New desert weaponsmith villager
  220. New jungle villager
  221. New jungle armorer villager
  222. New jungle butcher villager
  223. New jungle cartographer villager
  224. New jungle cleric villager
  225. New jungle farmer villager
  226. New jungle fisherman villager
  227. New jungle fletcher villager
  228. New jungle leatherworker villager
  229. New jungle librarian villager
  230. New jungle nitwit villager
  231. New jungle shepherd villager
  232. New jungle stonemason villager
  233. New jungle toolsmith villager
  234. New jungle weaponsmith villager
  235. New plains villager
  236. New plains armorer villager
  237. New plains butcher villager
  238. New plains cartographer villager
  239. New plains cleric villager
  240. New plains farmer villager
  241. New plains fisherman villager
  242. New plains fletcher villager
  243. New plains leatherworker villager
  244. New plains librarian villager
  245. New plains nitwit villager
  246. New plains shepherd villager
  247. New plains stonemason villager
  248. New plains toolsmith villager
  249. New plains weaponsmith villager
  250. New savanna villager
  251. New savanna armorer villager
  252. New savanna butcher villager
  253. New savanna cartographer villager
  254. New savanna cleric villager
  255. New savanna farmer villager
  256. New savanna fisherman villager
  257. New savanna fletcher villager
  258. New savanna leatherworker villager
  259. New savanna librarian villager
  260. New savanna nitwit villager
  261. New savanna shepherd villager
  262. New savanna stonemason villager
  263. New savanna toolsmith villager
  264. New savanna weaponsmith villager
  265. New snow villager
  266. New snow armorer villager
  267. New snow butcher villager
  268. New snow cartographer villager
  269. New snow cleric villager
  270. New snow farmer villager
  271. New snow fisherman villager
  272. New snow fletcher villager
  273. New snow leatherworker villager
  274. New snow librarian villager
  275. New snow nitwit villager
  276. New snow shepherd villager
  277. New snow stonemason villager
  278. New snow toolsmith villager
  279. New snow weaponsmith villager
  280. New swamp villager
  281. New swamp armorer villager
  282. New swamp butcher villager
  283. New swamp cartographer villager
  284. New swamp cleric villager
  285. New swamp farmer villager
  286. New swamp fisherman villager
  287. New swamp fletcher villager
  288. New swamp leatherworker villager
  289. New swamp librarian villager
  290. New swamp nitwit villager
  291. New swamp shepherd villager
  292. New swamp stonemason villager
  293. New swamp toolsmith villager
  294. New swamp weaponsmith villager
  295. New taiga villager
  296. New taiga armorer villager
  297. New taiga butcher villager
  298. New taiga cartographer villager
  299. New taiga cleric villager
  300. New taiga farmer villager
  301. New taiga fisherman villager
  302. New taiga fletcher villager
  303. New taiga leatherworker villager
  304. New taiga librarian villager
  305. New taiga nitwit villager
  306. New taiga shepherd villager
  307. New taiga stonemason villager
  308. New taiga toolsmith villager
  309. New taiga weaponsmith villager
  310. Vindicator
  311. Wandering trader
  312. Witch
  313. Wither
  314. Wither skeleton
  315. Wolf
  316. Zoglin
  317. Zombie
  318. Zombie horse
  319. Zombie pigman
  320. Classic zombie blacksmith villager
  321. Classic zombie butcher villager
  322. Classic zombie cleric villager
  323. Classic zombie farmer villager
  324. Classic zombie librarian villager
  325. Classic zombie nitwit villager
  326. New zombie desert villager
  327. New zombie jungle villager
  328. New zombie plains villager
  329. New zombie savanna villager
  330. New zombie snow villager
  331. New zombie swamp villager
  332. New zombie taiga villager
  333. Zombified piglin


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  • Phantom figurine texture
  • Stray figurine z-fighting
  • Zoglin figurine texture


  • Goat
  • Glow squid
  • Axolotls (5)
  • Decorated llamas (68)
  • Sheep (17)
  • Shulkers (17)
  • New villager job variants (98)
  • Display plates for figurines
  • More convenient functions


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Do NOT upload a direct link.
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4.82 / 5 (11 votes)
This is cool,i can play chess with this addon
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I give this 5 stars, it is perfection
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Try making statues as well (life-sized versions)
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I love this addon! I have it on my Realm with my friends and they love it as well, some have made it their sole goal to collect them all. It would be really cool if you could add some of the new mobs that came to 1.17, like the glowsquid. Nice job though! Have not had any problems with it so far :D
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I love the addon, but (in my opinion) a block of clay for a figurine is a little bit too much, how about a clay ball? :3
also, can you make an addon similar to this but the scale is equal to the real mob?
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Yeah, I think the same things, a figurine should be made of a clay ball instead of a whole block, and also, there is already one mod that adds figures that are the sizes of the mobs, and yes, they are also blocks.
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I also think the same, but there’s already a mod that adds real-scaled statues.
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It’s called Mob Trophies and it was created by Honkit.
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I enjoy this mod a lot but, where’s the sheep?
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Remember that this mod adds a lot of figurines, maybe it’s there, just check better.
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it would be really cool if this is how spawn egg items look like
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I’ve been waiting for someone to do this!
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Where is the shulker?
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Remember that this mod adds a lot of figurines, maybe it’s there, just check better.
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I love this add but I would of put 5 are if the figures where bigger because I can’t really see them except for the pandas. But in I really like this addon I recommend this do all speed builders and people who have lower end devices
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Yeah, I could've. I just thought it would be nice to scale them as big as my "Mini" series, where 2 pixels is 1 block.
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