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Published on April 24, 2017 (Updated on April 24, 2017)

Vanilla Machinery: Quarries (Command Blocks) [Creation] ( Only!)

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This works really well. If you go ahead and just set it to peaceful you can just play it pure survival!
Is broken doesn’t work
It didnt work its say at the command block failde to execute a hopper on a minecart
Um if you place a block in the hole it gets destroyed please fix this
Please heeeeelp meee
This map is sooo cool
Guyeiopzlalalwllssllsp November 21, 2017 at 9:56 pm
It does not work
I would really like to try this map out can you update it to 1.0.9 so we people on that version can play it thanks
im on windows 10, just updated and I thought that would make it work, but it didnt load, it still said I needed a newer version, this isnt even helpful to windows 10
It says that there is an updated version of the content, so when I try to open it, it wont work. How do I get it to work??
notch is the creator of minecraft
What is the command because when I load the world it says there is and updated version of the world
Does anybody have any ideas about how we can make the Star Wars lightsaber blade contract in teh addon. PLEASE ANY IDEAS
I give up commenting.
Chicken?:Why do you give up commenting?
Me?:Because nobody listens to my comments.☹️