Vanilla Potions Add-on

Welcome to the Vanilla Potions Add-on! Adds 8 new potions and 4 New Foods for a total of 12 New Consumable Items that give you Some Vanilla potion Effects, they are alot easier to craft than the original potions but don't last that long. They are Buff bundles to explain it crudely.

The Trader Potion!

There's is no other way to get the Hero of the village effect, except maybe through raids and this new potion! It only gives you 30 Seconds so make it quick. It's easy to craft, well balanced and isn't too overpowered probably...

Cloud in a Jar!

A new food item so to speak that gives you levitation for a few seconds, suitable for hard to reach places but does require Phantom membranes to craft which is quite hard to obtain should you be unprepared.

The new Hunger Potion!

Not all the potions here can be drank at any time, you must be hungry if you want to drink anything, that's where this potion comes in, it allows to to eat other potions without error but does make you lose 9 Hunger points in the process, it also takes time to take effect.

The Hour Glass! 

An hour Glass that slows down your fall speed and makes you hungry, nothing special really.

The Purple Potion!

A potion that gives you health boosts and additional damage, suitable for very tight battles where you need a little pick me-up.

The Aether Melon!

A new Food that gives you high mobility and gives you alot of movement and visual buffs, make you faster, him higher and see in the dark allowing you to outrun the fastest of enemies and out jump them.

Soul in a Jar!

Last of the special food items is this soul in a jar, Turns you into a ghoul that slows you down, makes you weak and unable to damage mobs, but it makes you essentially invincible for a few moments.

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-Updated Icon image to suit website standards and added updated stats for Carrot and Blueberry Cheesecake, reduced time effect for Aether Melon


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Hey there! I work with a team of developers that are working on a modded SMP called TERRA, we were wondering if we could use your addon for the server. Its completely non-profit and you would be credited in full with links back to any works of yours we use or any works you want us to refer to on the server. If you want to discuss further my discord is AU#3019.
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Hi, I apologies for being a little late with my response, maybe "little" is a bit of an understatement, but anyways, yes I give you full permission to use this addon, you don't even have to credit me, I'm just doing it for fun. Have fun using it. Again I'm so so sorry for the late response.
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Nice textures and i like how thought out the effects are.
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Muy buen mod me gusta por eso me gustaria que lo hagas compatible para la 1.17 porfis 👌😅.
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