Published on November 29, 2020 (Updated on February 27, 2021)

Vanilla PVP PACK | Better 2.0 Update

-Vanilla | PVP PACK-


You are a lover of vanilla and PVP textures because this is your package with vanilla and pvp styles together as changes in particles or minerals or weapons, totems, bows and more

this pack is a project that maybe you could love it also has a beautiful and lively sky that you might like in strong fights

Also the damage particles were changed to brighter and more colorful ones [note: the particles are only seen when you hurt yourself or when you hit a player not on animals]


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-Welcome to the update | Better 2.0 Update-

and you keep thinking what was added?

New changes:

-Changed the texture of all reinforcing bars and tools

-New Sky Box

-The textures of many blocks was changed

-New particles are added very very beautiful and perfect for combat

-New Hotbar

-New shield and more

Bug Fixed:

-fixed the bug in which the sound of the fire was too jammed

-fixed bug where particles got stuck in air

-Fixed the error in which the xp bar did not appear sometimes in the texture pack and the classic minecraft was seen

-and many other errors were fixed


Supported Minecraft versions


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I'm waiting for bug fixes :v
Your Average Mod Enjoyer June 01, 2021 at 7:31 am
Shield texture is just a magenta box and sheep texture looks weird pls fix
For some reason, the crosshair was covered by a large box of inverted color (like if i looked at grass through the box, it would be purple), and the crosshair wasn't inverted (meaning there was a part of the box that was normal). Is there a fix to this? Or is it intentional. Other than that though, the pack is pretty good.
Nice pack! Seems like you used Kenos Blocks for Your texturepack and also the Hearts/gui without credit to their Candy Cane pack?
Oh don't forget to add the credits I feel guilty for not adding the credits of the creator I asked for the textures ;-;

Thanks for letting me know I will add them in the next update
Hey RPS Studio, just letting you know if you want to make a certain texture blank, the file name for the annoying vertical lines on the sides of the hotbar come from a file(s) called hotbar_end_cap & hotbar_start_cap... I think. Lovely pack btw.
Oh thanks for the recommendation I will take it into account :)
Is this supported for bedrock? None of the textures worked for it only the ores,particles,and shield.
this package is only bedrock, which means that if it should work for you, if it doesn't work for you try to remove the packages you have in global resources maybe that will help
Oh My God I'm In love With This Pack Good Job RPS Studio!, Your Packs Are Awesome Good Luck Guys :D
Great Pack Btw!! May i know why it is 8.75 mb in total? Does it have extra features?