Vanilla Swords+ V1.02 (Working on 1.17)

Have you ever tried to craft something with planks and seen how its always the same no matter what type of planks, seeng sticks and swords look the same?, well this addon adds things that may look better for vanilla!

Make sure To turn On Mooding Capabilities and Holiday Creator Features for the addon to work

This Addon Is Currently On development, this is a lite version that adds the remarkable changes, not the full 106 intended features

Vanilla Swords+

This Addon adds more types of swords made to improve the vanilla experience, currently the intended number of swords is 106, currently under development, for now the current lite version includes 8 swords made to improve the look of tools


these sticks are made to improve the vanilla look of sticks, instead of plain simple sticks you get different sticks of each wood type!



There Are 8 Swords added, a Blackstone Sword and 7 Wood Swords, the wood swords require their own wood stick and planks, the blackstone sword is crafter with the normal stick and 2 blackstone


Wooden Swords have 60 Durability and 4 Damage

Blackstone Sword has 132 Durability and 5 Damge, its recipe overwrites the stone recipe

Moss Sword has 132 Durability and 5 Damage, can be crafted with vines or moss and a normal stone sword or with mossy cobblestone

Deepslate Sword has 132 Durability and 5 Damage, its recipe overwrite the stone recipe


Select version for changelog:


+Swords now show how many damage they do

+Swords now take damage from breaking blocks

+Added Moss stone and Deepslate sword



-Open the file (you may need to use other apps)


-replace the .mcaddon to .zip

-extract the files

-copy the behaviors

-go to \games\com.mojang on phone or %LocalAppData%Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang on pc

-paste the folder on behavior_packs

-repeat for resources but on resource_packs


-download from microsoft edge

-install mc addons manager

-press import inside mc addons manager

-select the file

-wait for it to import

-restart minecraft

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Can you add leather sword and tools and all wood weapons and tools
1. the leather sword makes no sense
2. full tool update coming once 1.17 gets released
whaaaaat? leather sword? that doesn't make any sense bud xD
i might download this addon
full update once 1.17 gets released

next update will add bows if i figure out how to add them
trying to update this but the swords wont take damage
Lo siento , mi inglés es pésimo , bueno este addon está genial , me gustan las variantes de los palos bueno , como sugerencia me gustaría q agreguen las variantes de las herramientas pero con la Blackstone del nether y la nueva piedra oscura q saldrá pronto en Minecraft , solo eso y me gusta tu addon , cuadra muy bien con los estándares de la perfección en las herramientas , en general está perfecto :D
estoy planeando en añadir una variante de cada herramienta de piedra con piedra oscura y blackstone cuando 1.17 salga, por ahora estoy haciendo la version con 106 espadas, la version lite contendra solo cambios mayores como todas las herramientas de piedra
Genial , eso queda perfecto en Minecraft , no puedo esperar más para otra versión de este addon , es perfecto y me gusta mucho , sigue asi!! :D
cool cant wait to the new version and add tools even more