Published on September 10, 2021

Vanish Function

Vanish yourself with this addon, simply right click the vanish item to vanish or unvanish,this only works if function is active,this can be use in some admin players who wants to spectate the players

Do /function setup for steps to start the addon

Place a command block,set it to repeat and always active,inside the command box,type /function on,to make the vanish works

To make function works in any range,type /tickingarea add circle ~~~ 3 vanish in chat box,you must standing in the command block

Vanish on

Vanish off

Item name


Direct Download Mcaddon


  • Vanish_Function.mcaddon (5.72 KB)

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its cool but can u make it so that it doesnt take a function cause i cant use it
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