Published on September 22, 2019 (Updated on May 03, 2020)

Variety Hunger & Health

Tired of those mystery meat shanks in your hunger bar? Have some bread, apples, cookies, or melons instead - and much, much more, as I expand my collection~

Made by scaling down or recreating in-game textures (when applicable) and modifying them a bit to look better at the HUD's lower resolution. Also included are "soft hearts" versions, for folks who think the black-bordered hearts clash with the softer-edged foods.

To use, just download, PC: run (mobile: open with MC:PE), go to Settings > Global Resources, select the texture pack, "+" to activate it, select again and hit the "🛠" symbol and drag the slider to select your preferred food.

Inspired by Stressmonster's "Spuddies Hunger bar" made by TRod_Planet.

A compilation of all the versions I made for the Java Edition, originals can be found on my Planet Minecraft profile.

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  • Removed the custom splash text by request (couldn't figure out how to add my own w/out completely wiping out the existing splash text archive)
  • Added "Cookies"!
  • Updated the version number in the manifest to match the current one 1.0.4 (1.0.3 was the prior working version without cookies)



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I'd use Pumpkin Pie 100% for my modded smp.
Add cooked porkchop pls it's my favorite food in minecraft
Please make a steak one I wwould definitely use this pack if it had one
i wish there is hamburger bar but its ok
I can't find the Strawberry Hunger-bar... So I used the cookie hunger-bar and it worked!
Please golden carrots
A troll bar health loks Like hunger and hunger Like health
Add sweet berries pleease
Give me poggers as my food and pigman as my heath or i will eat your soul tonight
How long does update takes to this pack?
so i may know because i check if its updated everyday :D
How long does it*
Can u update it to 1.16
Can you add for the hunger like milk bottles and other drinks? So we have a variety of choices?
Guest-2488245456 May 18, 2020 at 5:49 pm
Can you add a 32×32 version?

I'd love a 32×32 version.