Published on March 13, 2022

Vatonage Furniture

This addon adds 210 different combinations for furniture and 40 new craftable furniture blocks. This addon does not use entities and only relies on blocks so there is no lag.


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I also wish you could put carpets in these tables, thanks...
I loved this vanilla style, lag-free furniture. Please make the sofas connected in the next update. Add some decorative books, cabinets... I really liked the fact that it doesn't use entities.
The mod is not bad, but it needs to be added to add more functionality for furniture, however, I’m waiting for the addition of TV plates, cabinets, bedside tables, a computer, an oven, a fan, lamps, more sofas, if possible, new beds if possible for now this is all that needs to be added in the next mod update good luck
This looks promising, I just wish that in that next update, you'll be able to add a variety of cabinets, mostly wooden and bathroom furnitures too!