Venus Dynamic Texture Pack (128x) (Authorized Release)

Skywalker Lee (@dLR8ik6sTk2iVv1):

It took a year and repeated modification. The texture of this material pack is very realistic and high resolution, including many newly added dynamic materials, waiting for you to enjoy and explore


Thank you for your download and support, I am very honored.

Please support and feedback me, thank you.

nether block update has begun

The following is a list of current dynamic effects )

1. Colorful rgb effect of fluorite lamp, end candle

2. Blinking effect of ore cube

3. Redstone lamp, redstone torch, glowing effect of torch

4. Furnace flame Effect

5. Obsidian dark glowing color change effect

6. Discoloration effect of the end of the transfer table

7. Rotating effect of the disc on the top of the record player

8. Beacon, sea crystal lamp color change effect

9. Enchanting table color change effect

10. Order block Cool color changing effect

11. Three rgb transforms for activated rails

12. Flame dynamics of stoves and blast furnaces

13.Bonfire and rising smoke

Changelog View more

fix some bugs,add more dynamic hd textures,make texture more beautiful

I forgot to send the authorized proof picture. I added the picture again.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)



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24 Responses

4.5 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-3619138336 says:

    Its AMAZING 4 rating star cuz too realistic

  2. Guest-7082245357 says:

    Can i use this in a vid, I promise to make to give you both credit!

  3. Beam006 says:

    Plz make mob’s texture​s

  4. Guest-9808362347 says:

    I would have given this 5 stars but everything else is 128x but the mobs, all of them are still looking like they are 32x, why?

  5. Guest-8281156640 says:

    makes my whole heads up display and all entities dissappear and I don’t know why. pls help

  6. Guest-7694367984 says:

    can you change more lightfull the sand and ore and dirt its make awesome but change the dirt side part make lookfull great dirt

  7. Guest-7936725316 says:

    lucky i am low end device i can use this but one more this is not have blinking or something on ore and its not have dark glowing too and etc

  8. Guest-8392799483 says:

    Nothing loaded. I was left in an invisible world. I waited for like 10 minutes to see if it would eventually load in, but it never did

    • Anonymous says:

      i tested many times,it does work.plz try again.move any other shaders or textures,only load this texture alone.

    • Guest-4962679551 says:

      its for low end its cant be work for highly device and medium device
      use cspe shader might be helpfull

  9. Guest-5246026167 says:

    Link not work plz fix

  10. Guest-7049786307 says:

    when i downloud it and i open it in minecraft said me that it isnt a valid zip

  11. Guest-5522895650 says:

    Link doesn’t work

  12. Guest-8435067124 says:

    Some textures aren’t loading. Menu items are gone and placement is empty.

  13. Guest-6023694763 says:

    The best texture pack I’ve ever find

  14. Guest-2079735836 says:


  15. Guest-6966149850 says:

    Your a man of honor!

  16. Guest-2177050449 says:

    Add shaders. Only the lighting effect of the world.

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