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Published on August 13, 2017 (Updated on August 13, 2017)

VerseCrafter: Eternal Envy [Adventure]

VerseCrafter: Eternal Envy is the third map in a series of adventure and puzzle maps where you as a player will go on a journey through your own memories and try to unlock the forgotten. By completing the previous two maps you've successfully passed two memory gates but you're not done yet. The next challenge requires you to conquer the emotion of "Greed". As a whole, it's a fun and experimental adventure with an intriguing storyline.

Creator/Writer: CheeteTwitter Account
Builders: Cheete, Alexiler, Egaland (Twitter)


Ren Harrow is a man whom has lost all of his memories, and must now pass seven gates each one being an emotional aspect, to reach the Hall of Memories to find himself again..

So far he has passed two gates so far and now he must conquer the emotion of "Greed" to exceed yet another trial to reach the next gate of his memories. With just five gates left things are getting darker by the minute..

Note from Cheete:  Please be aware that this map took 6 months to make, and there is only one path as of now. I spent ages working and developing the characters, as well as a lot of road bumps with Mojang updating the game.

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Important: This works best on the 1.2 beta which is currently limited to Windows 10 and Android users only. Find out how to join the beta by clicking here. It does load on 1.1 too but it might not work as good.

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Looks at creation date ITS BEEN A YEAR WHERES THE NEXT ONE?!
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This is amazing I can’t wait for the next installment in the series
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cheete pls add the other paths pls pls pls editor if yoou see this pls tell cheete to aadd the paths and the next map
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At first it didn’t work but if u redownload it will work. This map a really good and it’s better than the previous.
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I tried at first it didn’t load then I refreshed the apps and it worked but I spawned in the middle of an ocean but then I redownloaded and it worked. Great map.
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It doesn’t work when I try to download it, for some reason.
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I really like these maps, but none of the doors ever work (because there's a glitch on my Minecraft where signs can float. Yes, I have reported it, but honestly I think pistons would work better anyways). Also, there seems to be a complete lack of redstone when it comes to the parts where you have to make a decision, so the doors wouldn't work anyways. Maybe it's just with me and no one else is having these problems, but just in case this is a universal thing, redstone comparaters are used to generate a redstone signal with item frames, and there was no redstone behind the item frames.
Also, the parkour part where you have to get the "key" on the second one (I think it was the second one) is impossible as it requires you to perform a 2 block high jump to get back and keepinventory is not on and you don't get jumpboost.
I also have a suggestion: Unless you perminately set the time to night please don't use beds to set spawn points. Command blocks can be used at any time of the day and they don't require any wait time.
Otherwise, great job! Two thumbs up!
Also, how the heck did you get those invisible blocks in the second one? I've seen people use ladders placed using the /setblock command to do something similar, but this is completely different because you can't break them and you can punch through them.
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I spawned in the bottom of the ocean! I'm sad that I can't play this map. The previous ones were great though!
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I load the world and I dont spawn in the map at all I keep falling out of the world
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The spawn point is not correct. You start the map in a weird place that doesn't make sense.
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If what happened to u is the sa,e thing that happened to me, you should be in a big green building that is the versecraft lobby. Or if you’re not look for a big green building. Then circle the sides on creative mode (that’s the only way to find it, and there should be a green enclosed tunnel attached to it. Just break your way into the tunnel, and you’ll end up in the start of the game. Hope this helped?
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i have windows 10 but when this loads im in creative floating in an obsidian box and everythings messed up :(
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The reason why the world crashes when you try to load it is probably because your on version 1.1 of minecraft.
There's not really a way to fix it other than to wait for the next update for 1.2

But from my past experiences with Verse Craft, it'll be worth the wait ;)
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Whenever I open it, it crashes.... plz. Help...
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