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Published on September 12, 2016 (Updated on February 22, 2017)

VerseCrafter: The Beginning [Adventure]

VerseCrafter: The Beginning is the first map in a series of multiple maps to come. It's a quite fun map with multiple levels and a story which goes with it. The story goes as following. You've lost your memory and to get it back you need to complete 7 different stages to reach the hall of memories.

Creator: Cheete, Twitter Account
Updated: 23 February, 2017 (bug fixes, textures update)

The map includes multiple levels of parkour and puzzle challenges. For example, in one level you have to use some wheat to lead a sheep through a labyrinth.

Download (.McWorld)
Download (Dropbox) (.ZIP)

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Bro its actually Great LOL
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It doesn't show up in my world menu. I tried re downloading it and it didn't show up.
Please help!
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Same here! The button doesn’t work
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The play button doesn't work!
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Nice game
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Wow it must have took u 1 hour to make about a minute worth of playtime and some redstone jammed (Not the moving piston in parkour but the door and more)
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DatGuy/GirlOverThere March 11, 2017 at 4:37 am
Can i play this on 1.0.4
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How many map parts are in this? Is this trilogy?? Or more??
if more than 3 COOL
btw i record this map 12 mins then ilk continue the map until its done
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What is the texture pack please?!????!
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Hope the creator makes a sequel!
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Yo! cheete if you need help Invite me on your world Just SIGN IN to Xbox And Find my GamerTag: GamerTutorial15 I'm a building expert and redstone expert i already beated a 50 redstone level in one hours so Invite Me!
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Thanks for the epic map! Really enjoyed playing it!
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You should make more maps like parkour,adventure, and more :)
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