Published on November 29, 2016 (Updated on February 08, 2019)

Vertex Client PE (ModPE for Android)

Vertex Client PE is a mod menu with many additional settings and features, like a built-in webbrowser, chat and a (temporarily unavailable) music player. The latest update - v3.1 - adds the ability of adding custom waypoints into the Teleport module, a client chat, language support and TreasureFinder: find ores and chests underground!

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- Added TreasureFinder which allows you to find ores, chests and other special blocks/treasures by tapping the ground
- Added the ability of adding and removing waypoints into Teleport (waypoints added on multiplayer will be the same for every server, as they're global waypoints)
- Added a Chat dialog on the Dashboard screen (allows you to chat with other Vertex Client PE users)
- Added a new step into the setup screen where you can choose a settings preset ('default', 'all-in' or 'high performance')
- Added pos(ition) command which shows the player's coordinates when you run it
- Added custom language support (and we added a setting for it, choose between 'Default (English)' and 'Device language' **only Dutch and English are supported so far)
- Added a new 'Language' section on the settings screen along with a few new language related settings
- Added a new help section for waypoints
- Added a 'Prevent sending and receiving chat messages' setting (may not always work)

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Supported Minecraft versions

Blocklauncher no longer works and will no longer be up dated this mod is out of date and needs an update
Is this pretty much a hack client? But only for your own worlds?
big cheater btw my game doesn’t work D:< you’re bad think about it
Please advanced mod give
Hola creador porfavor ponlo para la versión 1.17 pofaaaaaaa si plis denle laike para que lo vea pofaaaaaaaa
Please make it for iOS too
Great for anarchy survival servers
This need removed from this website hacking is hacking
hi, uh, this is the only good client that i can find. it would be EPIC on windows 10.
could you make a version for that?

p.s. sorry for only 5 stars. there weren't a million boxes
same i want windows 10 as well
Lol people like you who rely on hacks to win are sad, given how most mcbe players are in mobile. You can brat them easily with your advantage
ive been on a realm where for one MY BASE KEEPS GETTING GRIEFED AND ITS NOT A ANAARCHY SERVER IVE HAD PEOPLE JUST STRAIGHT UP BECOME TRAITORS AND JUST TRY TO MAKE ME CRY so these would help so much with getting back at them all
people like you who rely on other peoples disappointment are sickening and you shouldnt be making fun of people you stupid kid
can i use this on windows 10?
Guest-5873000026 May 29, 2020 at 4:17 am
I dont know how to download