Published on November 14, 2020 (Updated on September 19, 2021)

Very Flat Seed - Good For Builders

Do you love building? Or how about gathering resources, mining or simply exploring; then this is the seed for you! I have used this seed for my survival let's play on my YouTube channel and I enjoy building on the flat land this seed gives you!

This seed gives you the ability to build in all styles! The rivers provide the ability to build great bridges, the flat land gives space for awesome bases and the great mountains give you great ability to build cool stuff, whilst also having an awesome view from above.

Whatever you want to build or do, it’s possible in this great Minecraft seed!




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I Love This Seed Thank you
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I know another cool flat seed: MCPE
it works!
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Cool men because i want a place where i could build thank you for the vlog thanks
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