Published on March 03, 2022 (Updated on May 01, 2022)

Viking Armor (New Armors Update)

Hello my friends, in today addon I add a new interesant addon idea by FlechaPh9 based on my Ninja and Samurai Armor but this time I add Vikings Armor I hope you enjoy the addon

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New Copper Viking Armor

New Amethyst Viking Armor

New Emerald Viking Armor

Now the Netherite Viking Armor is crafting on the smithing table



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i can't equip shields pls fix it
viking shields are not working
version :
can you fix it pls :)
I wanna add this to a realm, does it work on 1.20.1?
Hiii could you fix the shield it can't block enemies attack even though i opened the experimental game play, i really need this because i want a clan war to my server and i want to use your mods the Samurai, Vikings and Ninja your new mods Called Reiforce armor is so sick and the other is really cool but i found some of bug but its still great tho the shield in viking is my only problem and if i already created the server i would put a proper credits to your addons i hope you get more followers my broo!!!
Tbh you should make to where the Viking armor can slow the player down
What great models, do you think you could make one of medieval armor:
Thanks, yeah i have my medieval armor addon its name is medievak gear addon although without so many 3d armor
Anything about hannah March 03, 2022 at 10:16 am
Sheeeessshhh this is lite