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Published on January 19, 2021 (Updated on January 19, 2021)

Village And Many Biomes Near The Spawn Point (Seed)

Are you bored of appearing in the middle of nowhere and far from the ocean?

would you love to appear in a village near many biomes next to the spawn point?

If the answer is "YES" this is your seed, it has a village, an ocean, many biomes attached to the respawn point and the village

This seed was tested in 1.16.10 so from that version the seed works, I don't know if it works in older versions

This seed is a caress to the soul for those who enjoy good views from the mountains
Here are some small photos of the seed:

all the photos were taken in positions that can be followed through the images, I will leave the coordinates anyway just in case.

not all photos have coordinates because I forgot to save them, sorry :(
  154 70 626
354 70 716
499, 129, 916

215 82 470
If I make a mistake with any coordinate, sorry beforehand, it will be corrected
More Photos:
Featured image for better viewing:

I hope you enjoy this seed just like me :)

The images were taken with the vision set at 32 chunks, so the locations may be further away than they appear

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can you make it for chrome os please
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how i can plant this seed
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when you are going to create a world there is a section that says "seed" just copy and paste the seed id to generate the terrain. Remember to use the latest version if you want to see exactly the same terrain :)
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Yes, the first time I saw the seed I was surprised because I had never seen anything similar ;D
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