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Published on December 17, 2016 (Updated on December 17, 2016)

237817396: Savannah Village & Diamond Horse Armor

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Omg!! The dungeon has a saddle?

?????????? (10/10)
This is the start of the infection of the village... the diamond infection specifically. Every house and building will turn to diamond, and the village will lose population, soon to be abandoned. Every wood block will turn to diamond, and fences are effected too. The cobblestone won't be different, nor the crops or dirt, or carpet. Only wood.
No good stuff, only got a iron pick axe and 8 apples
Yes true true it's different for different people
I found a dessert village
wow, I can't remember the seed, how did DarkCreeperBoy find this savvanah village?
Lol, You guys still don't know xD
When you enter a seed everything is the same as when someone tries a seed someone found, but for every world you create the chest will produce different items for different people, no matter how the world is same the chest will always produce different things
for me this seed i found in the spawner a spider spawner but for the comment i read up there it said zombie spawner, even spawners differ greatly, i even saw a spider jockey!
The chest inside the spawner gave me a saddle! lucky me but inside the blacksmith it gave me a iron sword an iron helmet an apple but no pickaxe or diamond horse armour, it did give me iron horse armour, anyway i also found a horse nearby and got on the horse 2 times and tamed it easily, hehe lucky me but no diamond horse armor :(
lollololololololololo December 18, 2016 at 5:14 pm
I went to the village and no diamond horse armor and in the stronghold there is only a couple non enchanted books and a saddle
There is a dungeon in the side of mountain I saw zombies come out of it but no saddle :(
You forgot about the zombie spawner next to the upper house in the second picture! :) The chests have 2 punch II enchant. books and 1 Depth Strider book