Village, Outpost & Massive Double Ravine Seed

A very good survival seed. 90°left of the spawnpoint is a village and an outpost on the right of it. If you go to the outpost and continue going forward you will find a massive open ravine which connects with the other one underground.

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woops ment to reply to someone not comment lol
Anyone know the coordinate of the zombie spawner pls?
There's one at x:97 y:41 z:54, it's close to the village at spawn
Dangthatsalongname August 19, 2019 at 7:30 pm
Alright seed, not THAT good but is nice to kill the Pillagers/Illagers, early on and find armor in the blacksmith, with a sword and 2-5 Obsidian in the chest. 3/5!
Is it a java seed?
Bro, is this a java community? NO. Go to the java community for java seeds
How can't I find any diamond ? Can anyone show me?
It is a very good speedrun seed I beat the ender dragon and the wither in 2 hours :)
Good work, My record in total on any device was 7 Hours. you must be skilled to do 2 hours.
I've been looking for a seed with an outpost close to a village so this really helps, thanks.
This seed is great! The village near spawn is pretty decent, blacksmith gives you an iron helmet and a few other things I can’t remember. There’s a few caves but they lead no where unless you dig down and find the cave system. There’s 11 diamonds down there so far that I have seen. There’s an Taiga Village opposite the direction of the outpost on the other side of the village. If you go to the nether you spawn pretty close to a nether fortress depending where you put your portal (for me I spawned right next to it. The ravine is by the outpost along with a whole bunch of caves.

Needless to say, this is my favorite survival seed.
This is one of my favorite village seeds!
Where's the double ravine?
there is one at 303, 46, 230,
Can you tellthe coordinates please? Thanks
There’s another village in this seed if you go the opposite way of the outpost from the first village. You’ll find a saddle there as well as iron, gold and diamonds.
Could you tell me the exact coords for it?