Published on December 09, 2014

village pls: Two Villages & A Stronghold Under Spawn

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Omg this is soo old these screenshots give me nostalgia
does this seed have a zombie spawner
tony stark vs donald trump October 01, 2019 at 9:29 am
yes at the coords -1750 103 -302 break the sand below your feet
Hello, May I ask what number of seed is this?
Pokemon Productions August 20, 2018 at 1:50 am
Thief you stole my idea and ur photos are so low quality
Ive been on that seed for 11 months
There is a small cave between the desert village and a savannah mountain. It has a dead end. Go to that dead end and dig straight down. You will be in a cave outside the stronghold. Beside you, you will find the room with the end portal. Break through the wall and you will be right there.
Good seed thx for the seed but i want spawner and stronghold seed can u giveme
You can also find the minesharf near the strong hold (by digging down at the plains village)
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There is a medium sized mineshaft attached to the stronghold, however further down there is a much bigger ( double?) Mineshaft. Its not easy to describe how to find it but it is accessible via caves which have a lot of lava in them.
Notch is more powerful than Herobrine
I have tested "village pls" 4 times and got the double village, also found a flat village past the dessert and about as far as the dessert fortress. The other way found the weirdest village I have ever seen with buildings wrapped around a mountain outcropping. Haven't found the stronghold yet but will look for it tonight. Also noticed a cave nearby that goes to bedrock loaded with exposed resources but watch out there is massive lava pools to go along with the resources.
To find the stronghold find the well in the desert village. The desert village is one of the two villages which you spawn at.

Anyways, find the well and then dig down at the sides until you see some mossy stones. Break those stones and you will get to a staircase which leads down into the stronghold.
You can use Eye of ender to get in,if you playing creative mode or use /give command.But little harder.
Hello, I've been searching for days to find a spruce wood biome, does this seed have one? Could anybody tell me where it is. Thanks.
I explored and found a dungeon in the stronghold. There is also a third village although it doesn't have a blacksmith it has loads of crops. There is also an abandoned mineshaft in the same cave as the stronghold and can be found by exploring the stronghold to find an exit that ends up leading to the mine. There are 3-4 chests in the mine or maybe even more, I didn't explore the WHOLE thing. So these were just a few more things I found mainly having to do with the seed. ? Bye!
Hi i play this seed for about 3 weeks i donot find any snow biome i find savana biome and sand biome