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Published on October 08, 2018 (Updated on November 20, 2018)

Village&Pillage Add-on (Concept!)

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I fine this kinda sad...
Im with ya Guest-7828602093. This is real old.???
How many people are looking at this mod in 2020 after playing Minecraft with the new nether update I mean pillagers are old
I love how people are saying it’s useless when this addon was a long time ago
Email to the dot on the steps September 05, 2019 at 7:11 pm
Okay. Let me be honest, it SUCKS. The modeling is terrible. Its just bad. But lets face it: Its a concept. Limitations. Better then nothing. Honestly if i were smarter before, i would use this as an early village and pillage. But im just noticing its better then nothing now... as the village and pillage update is released. And over all, you put hard work into it. Just for a few people to go and say its good? You need a few more. To be fair. 4 stars.
It is really useless 1.11 released pillager ravager raid hero of the village new village and villagers who needed now to slow making it pillager and evoker can also ride ravager or in 1.10 called illager beast i dont download because it is useless
This is useless now. 1.10 is released. Pillagers, Illager Beasts, and New Villagers are now in the new update. 1.10.0 is released March 19, 2019
U changed the crossbow when the crossbow was released
People that speak Spanish play this Addon :(
does it work on 1.7.1
LOL... The Pillager has NO hands lol
The ravager's legs go crazy all over the place when he walks ?
Bug: the pillager replaces the vindicator instead of the zombie.
Why is it in Russian lol ?
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Nem precisa mais pq já tem isso menos a besta