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Published on November 18, 2016 (Updated on November 28, 2016)

Villager Companion Addon

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Can you change the thing so you need emeralds to tame villagers? I thought they like emeralds!
Hey, I wonder if this is what Dantdm uses to interact with Dr. Trayrous. ( I forget how to spell the villagers name.)
I really do want this so much, but sadly it doesn't work whenever I try to tame a villager with a diamond. Theres only a trade button, please fix that.
Uh hi
Yeah it doesn’t work
It Just says open
I’m on iOS and the taming process isn’t working. It just says ‘Trade’? Could you change it please or am I doing something wrong?
Why they hold bows
Wait wrong Addon sorry
If use a resource pack that makes them look like players they hold bows
no It’s this Addon no bows plz
This Addon is amazing! Also because I’m alone ?
sick I love it oh and does it work for android?
It wont let me tame the villager?????????
The add-on is overall good, except the librarian villager I tamed isn't following me, yet it should. Any way to fix this?
Same problem... I hope the maker of this add-on can fix this. It gets really annoying at times.
Thank you but i have a problem he is not follow me and he is not stay i do a long press its show me a villager inventory
It's an amazing addon, but I can't seem to remove it from a world after inserting it. Can you please fix that?
For some reason, whenever I spawn a villager, they are holding a bow, why is that, pls fix it, btw I'm on minecraft pe iOS v1.0.4, thank u
For some reason, whenever I spawn a villager, their holding a bow, why is that, pls fix it, thank you. Btw, I'm on minecraft pc iOS v 1.0.4