Published on September 27, 2021 (Updated on October 10, 2021)

Villager Soldier Version 3 Age Of War

If you find the villagers spawning too much and you need someone to help you protect them, this addon will let the villagers protect the villagers with village soldiers. Villager will help you. After the flourishing of the villages, the village soldiers won the raids of the illager faction which lasted a period of prosperity until.

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  • From now on the raid will be more crowded with pillagers' support (support doesn't count in raid health bar).
  • In the forest, it is dangerous to have pillager patrols (any type of forest except the rainforest area).
  • The village will have more soldiers than before.
  • Iron golems can be upgraded from both villager and player golems (except /summon ).
  • When playing the old map again with this v3 addon, the old golem will not be upgradable or may depend on the map.
  • When installing on the phone, if the texture pack fails, delete version 2 and restart the game.
  • Add some works for the addon.



  • Villager_Soldier_V3_Age_of_War.mcaddon (548.52 KB)
  • (502.42 KB)
  • Villager_Soldier_Dark_Age.mcaddon (421.68 KB)
  • Villager_Soldier.mcaddon (242.57 KB)

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motainer12orAtomicButter January 11, 2023 at 9:23 am
could i have permission to use some of your texture for java edition fanport please?
iron villager cursed
update to 1.19 pls
the mod is so cool
Hey amazing add-on and can u also make one similar to this but with piglinsnand wither skeletons
Awesome add-on, just one thing, can you make the villager guards zombify when they get killed by zombies?
Hey! I REALLY WAS looking for a Mod like this and tried downloading all of them on Minecraft Education Edition But It Seems to say level import failed
Pls Fix
For some reason whenever the pillager boat spawns it causes a shton of lag and makes the game unplayable. Playing on 1.18 btw. For the rest great addon it adds a lot of diversity and
Villge pillage I’ll anger MORE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!
would it be possible to also post a mediafire link, looks so awsome. Can't download it tho as of now, would love to be able to get it, am on xbx :/ (mediafirel ink would allow me to be able too)
This is a amazing addon! But version 3 have resource issue. My villager guard spawn without a spear only shield. Can you fix it in the next update? Thanks for the addon
Sorry I forget to turn on the experiment features. Now they are equip with weapon
how about you make the recipe of the spear into instead of iron ingot change it to nugget
the mod is very good but please add a resident armed with a musket and the musket itself as well as the village cavalry
LifeSucksItReallyDoes October 26, 2021 at 8:50 am
Im excited to try out this addon, but unfortunately the link dossnt work. Could you fix it?
Ông có thể làm tụi villager guard chỉ xuất hiện ở làng hôi đc ko và tụi villager soldier đi theo nhóm và có người chỉ huy. Ông làm thêm cái thành của tụi villager lun ik cảm ơn đã đọc.
THIS MOD IS AWSOME,but could you decrease a little bit villager soldiers or guards in village?plz,because there are so many villager that my phone was lagging