Published on April 03, 2022 (Updated on July 01, 2022)

Villager Soldier 1.19 Version (Gameplay Update)

If you are a strategic player and want that in Minecraft then this addon will do it for you. The addon context is about the war in Minecraft inspired by the game Age of Empires so the battles are extremely harsh.

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  • Fix script error.
  • Fix villager can't clam pistol.
  • Now can run on android
  • Removed battleship
  • fix structure
  • removed loot box
  • fix animation
  • Add Catapult and flag red
  • change skin and item Villager Healing
  • add shield



  • Villager_soldier_1.19_v2.mcaddon (1.15 MB)
  • Villager_Soldier_V8.1.mcaddon (1.1 MB)

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Nice addon but there is a problem. When I hit a villager, the "villager musket" that I had tamed started to reload his musket and continued to do so. It was unable to shoot and kept on reloading. Could you pls fix this issue?
more villager working
more car horse car dificultad
StephenRainelTheYoutuber July 17, 2023 at 4:28 am
Make World War 1 Update
[VILLAGER MAGIC] is overpower, it has 3 skills that...
can cast flames🔥
can cast spikes ♨️
can summon 3 golem soldiers 🤖
and only tier 1 upgrade very cheap just ordinary book and ordinary villager into boss magician hahaha maybe double the hardness of making this Villager Magic just like Villager Knight, you need
Spear+Villager=Guard T1 next..
Guard+Medal=Leader T2 next...
Leader+=Knight T3 final outcome!
[✓]Villager Guard Spear+Shield is working when you give Spear. but...
[X]Villager Guard Crossbow+Shield not working when you give crossbow.

How? we need both melee guards and range guards please 🥺
Do we have to download and use both link file? Villager_soldier_1.19_v2.mcaddon (1.15 MB) and Villager_Soldier_V8.1.mcaddon (1.1 MB)??
Hi... any details/description for Healing Villager? its not on the crafting table.
Where/How to craft "STEEL"? we search on
the crafting table its not there, so how we're gonna make soldiers armor to able build back the army
Hi... I've found a Villager Soldiers Castle but bandits spawn at night no limits especially the one who summon the ghost are so OP cause he can summon no limit ghost. So we're down to 3 soldiers and 4 villagers what i did is barricade all entrance and made underground cause this ghost once entered the wall they turn the villager into zombie when died. So we're planning to breed this 4 villagers but our question is can we turn jobless villager or nitwit villager into a villager soldier by giving weapons? we need to regroup and build an army again underground for the mean time... also can you add hold position or exchange sit from hold cause sitting are just for environment design they dont fight, its hard to put guards on tower cause even you trap them they will still teleport to you when you go far enough...
more update please more medieval
Hi creater it’s been a long while since I’ve given a comment so anyway your villager soldier addon amazing the best no doubt but I’m is there any chance you could give it more like returning the battleships fixing the navy villagers so that they can hold swords again and the pirates as well and could you by any chance place a villager king and pillager king too you already have the pillager general a king would also be great oh and see if you could please add in a villager general or commander either one will be great or both please could you try and do this please please please please please please please please thank you hope you answer back enjoy the year of 2023
Me gustó el mod pero le faltan arreglos como que uno pueda usar la ballesta pesada y pueda usar la armadura del iron aldeano y arreglen el escudo de los aldeanos xq aves los atacan y es como si no tuvieran escudo y ay algo malo es que el Saqueador general es como inmortal no se puede matar ni la lava le ace efecto y pudieran acer que ubieram aldeas de saqueadores pero el mod está bueno me gustó demasiado espero y lo arreglen chao gracias muchas gracias creador del mod es le mejor mod para Minecraft beedrock