Published on April 03, 2022 (Updated on July 01, 2022)

Villager Soldier 1.19 Version (Gameplay Update)

If you are a strategic player and want that in Minecraft then this addon will do it for you. The addon context is about the war in Minecraft inspired by the game Age of Empires so the battles are extremely harsh.

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  • Fix script error.
  • Fix villager can't clam pistol.
  • Now can run on android
  • Removed battleship
  • fix structure
  • removed loot box
  • fix animation
  • Add Catapult and flag red
  • change skin and item Villager Healing
  • add shield



  • Villager_soldier_1.19_v2.mcaddon (1.15 MB)
  • Villager_Soldier_V8.1.mcaddon (1.1 MB)

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Hello, I really love the addon but I honestly think that what the addon needs to declare it as the best war addon in minecraft is:

1. simple soldiers with iron swords similar to knights with halberds so that soldiers with diamond swords become elite soldiers

2. It's more of a question than a question, can catapults work like villagers with cannons or crossbows?

3. why not being able to put an armor of the addon also on the soldiers with spears to create more variety of soldiers

4. why not make the armor added by the addon much stronger and protect more than the netherite one

5. why not create a bigger and stronger catapult than the one that already exists in the addon

I don't want you to take my ideas as a requirement, I'm just a simple fan with some ideas that I think would improve the addon.
Where is the villager and pillager catapult :'( ?
Espero pronto saquen la versión para la 1.19 :'>
Bro Anhem can you fix illager ship or just remodel nor delete it? Because its causing Laggy and the Fps is getting low then causing delay action.
I turned off fancy graphics bit still the same laggy and delay the only problem is the spamming illager ship that its cause lag.
I really want to try these mods but I can't find a single one that fully works and doesn't have blocks that say Update on them -.- I'm on 1.18.31
then download villager soldier version 3 or the older ones that goes 1.18.2 just download the other version that is not 1.19
Pls do more for this and I can't find the structures on my world is normal or not?
turn on experiental and custom biomes, and they dont spawn like EVERYWHERE they spawn at certain places around the world
Hey your mod is very good and has a lot of potential. I want to tell you that, as you probably know, the mod is not working beacuse of the new update. There are some other things that I find problematic tho. The guy who spawns "ghosts" ( I cant remember what they are called), should be removed or the amount of ghosts must be reduced. Because they are overpowered and break the realism of this mod. I like the transitionary era of medieval weapons and gun powder weapons. You should definately keep adding more weapons(medieval and guns). One more thing would be to make the cannons and ballistas delete blocks on the ground on impact and make them mountable from players for sieges and stuff. Also add more types af cannons and medieval siege equipment like rockets if you have seen them they are from gun powder era and they fire upwards and fall down on the enemy. Overall this mod reminds me of a game called empire total war and this should definately keep going. The sense of technological difference between you and the enemy is great. You might have a sword or a bow and the enemy has crossbows and bullets! One last suggestion would be to add granades and granadiers. Of course these are suggestions and not commands and I have no idea how hard this might be, but I hope you will be able to add the things I mentioned
its not called a rocket, its called a motar, the I have made a map (not public) that uses this mod so breaking blocks is not good,or if there is like 2 seperate downloads you can get that are the same but one has damage to environment the other is safe.
lolzzz of the sussy April 13, 2022 at 10:20 am
Cool addon but for some reason the skeletons,modded or even vannila wouldn't fight the villagers
For the term "I love this addon but I have some ideas that would make it even better 1. Villager soldier outfit to be customized with the biome

2. that humans are not only Indians and bandits but also have their own versions of villagers and soldiers of course apart from the villagers

3. variety in the ships and that you can create fleets of villager ships

4. in some update of one of your two most famous addons you will be able to add an air war with airships' hot air balloons or mini wooden planes like those of the first world war

5. these are just my ideas if you want to use them it would make me very happy but I don't want it to seem like I'm giving you orders or anythingyou

6.could also add soldiers with a spear or halberd to vary a little from the soldiers with guns and a soldier with a simple sword or saber according to the time".
already an addon like that called something like pillager war, which is a WW1-2 that has pillagers, villagers, piglns, and humans that have wooden guns, machineguns, snipers, anti-aircraft guns, wooden planes they can ride, and mortars. It doesn't take experiemental gameplay its a really good addon like this one, its like the more modern age version of they addon and this is the medieval age
Hey AnhemSteve can you add a villager catapult and a pillager catapult that can be generate by the
castle or can be crafted but expensive to craft bc its a catapult its big?
This addon is by far your greatest achievement no doubts excellent work but sense you added canon villagers could you also add villagers with catapults and also a villager king in the villager soldier addon please please please please please
This comment has been removed
Loaded the addon, created a word but none of the items or spawn appeared in the inventory
Dont working on android