Published on April 03, 2022 (Updated on July 01, 2022)

Villager Soldier 1.19 Version (Gameplay Update)

If you are a strategic player and want that in Minecraft then this addon will do it for you. The addon context is about the war in Minecraft inspired by the game Age of Empires so the battles are extremely harsh.

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  • Fix script error.
  • Fix villager can't clam pistol.
  • Now can run on android
  • Removed battleship
  • fix structure
  • removed loot box
  • fix animation
  • Add Catapult and flag red
  • change skin and item Villager Healing
  • add shield



  • Villager_soldier_1.19_v2.mcaddon (1.15 MB)
  • Villager_Soldier_V8.1.mcaddon (1.1 MB)

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add trebuchets
Pls for the love of god fix the miners spawning in my own house
Could you make the heavy crossbow and the catapult controllable by the player along with how they currently work? Also could you make the pillager canon useable by the player? Lastly, could make a version that only has the guns, canons, heavy crossbow, and the catapult? Thanks!
Few ideas for the Mod!

- A faction creation system. If two players of two kingdoms want separate armies, they give the villagers a banner to indicate their faction. Maybe a modded "book of diplomacy" that distinguishes the factions, alliances, and wars. The modded book can determine enemy and friendly players.

- Villager soldiers can wear modded leather armor with a couple of created designs to choose from. This helps to identify factions.

- Reduce the frequency of random attacks and village spawns of pillagers. Instead, add a more coordinated pillager raid at random. Something that happens once in a full moon (figuratively and literally speaking)

- Give city bells a 64x64 block area protection the pillagers cannot spawn around

- Make city bells a target for pillagers to destroy

- Pillagers can use tamed creepers to bypass characters and lure them toward the bells

Thank you for the awesome mod! Hope you continue to grow it!
hey man can you help me disable the pillager miners? they’re spawning in my village houses and way too frequent i have a walled village even and they kill everything. i’m trying to do it in my notepad or something. pls help
Oh! Your Tactical Addon is very well too!Can you update it? Of course, the premise is that you have free time. If not, forget it. After all, this is your Addon.It's just a proposal.
The battleship was deleted?That's a pity, but it's a fact that its optimization is not good. I hope I can see the battleship again in the follow-up update. Please, a navy without battleships is not a navy :(
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Good morning Mr. creator of the addon, I would like to make some suggestions for this fantastic addon: you could add a structure like a dock where pirate illagers and ships can spawn. I could also put a structure where illagers with cannons and those weapons spawn. I say this because it bothers me a lot that they appear anywhere, and the pirates appear swimming and the ships I have no idea where they appear. Still this addons is one of the best villagers addons, very good job and keep updating thanks
Do I need the other versions of the addon for this one to work?
Hello, I really love the addon but I honestly think that what the addon needs to declare it as the best war addon in minecraft is:

1. simple soldiers with iron swords similar to knights with halberds so that soldiers with diamond swords become elite soldiers

2. It's more of a question than a question, can catapults work like villagers with cannons or crossbows?

3. why not being able to put an armor of the addon also on the soldiers with spears to create more variety of soldiers

4. why not make the armor added by the addon much stronger and protect more than the netherite one

5. why not create a bigger and stronger catapult than the one that already exists in the addon

I don't want you to take my ideas as a requirement, I'm just a simple fan with some ideas that I think would improve the addon.
Where is the villager and pillager catapult :'( ?
Espero pronto saquen la versión para la 1.19 :'>
Bro Anhem can you fix illager ship or just remodel nor delete it? Because its causing Laggy and the Fps is getting low then causing delay action.
I turned off fancy graphics bit still the same laggy and delay the only problem is the spamming illager ship that its cause lag.
I really want to try these mods but I can't find a single one that fully works and doesn't have blocks that say Update on them -.- I'm on 1.18.31
then download villager soldier version 3 or the older ones that goes 1.18.2 just download the other version that is not 1.19