Published on December 17, 2016 (Updated on December 17, 2016)

Villagerbrine Addon

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Hello can you please make a villagerbrine, which doesn't replace entities and can be tameable and can fight for you
herobrine isn't tameable tho

so it wouldn't make any sense if you could tame them
I want answers NOW! why in the UNIVERSE did you remove Canvas texture 128x128 pack IT WAS a very nice on and it got removed! I need to know why! I was in the midst of downloading and suddenly it said Error 404! (In reality I'm calm must I was just scaring you....but really why did you remove)it....People could have had. A better Minecraft experience and it was gone.....
Cool. But they not punch me?
Does it drop anything?
Could you make an addon were you get to tame and keep a baby end golem that shoots lightning at any mob that you hit and can you make it spawn in the end which means you could replace the endermen.
Wow. 13 hits with a sharpness 5 diamond blade.
This replaces all villagers, or just one type?
Hello Mod Maker, This a great Add-on. Can you make Mob Battle Addon like PC ?
This is so creepy! I mean! Villagers trying to kill you! That's like if your Whole neighbor hood turned into psychos!!!
Who said I'm not real ?
I saw "Herobrine" once JK he's not real
Nice please. Share herobrine addon