Published on February 14, 2020

Villagers' Hats Add-on

This add-on adds all the villagers' hats and head accessories that some villagers use in Minecraft. You can get all the villagers' hats trading with them, and equip them on your character’s head! Use /function villagers_hats to get every hat at once.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Update 1.18 please
Super cool, could you update it for version 1.17.34 onwards please!!
This is kinda pointless cuz you can unlock the hats in the character creator with villager related achievements but still nice addon!
The addon doesn't work for some reason...Im on a windows 10 and I have experimental gameplay on, both behaviour and resource pack is on but it doesnt work, the hat doesnt appear in the trade. I've created multiple worlds with experimental gameplay on and the packs on but still, it doesnt work. my MC W10 version is 1.14.60
wait nvm I just read the first paragraph of the description and now it works, sorry xd it was just me who didnt fully read the description
Use Please 1.16 on Android
"Please deactivate Ad-Blocker"

No, I don't think I'll do that. Shame, looked like a neat addon.
So he won’t earn any money for his hard work then?
download link dosnt work
Can you please add the witches hat? Maybe as a drop or maybe just as a trading option from another kind of villager? Wandering trader, maybe?
if you wear any item on your head then wear any villager hat the thing that were on your head will dissapear
if you wear any item on your head the wear any villager hat the thing the you had on your head will dissapear
Good pack
Thank you for your rating!
Can you update it in the new beta
This Add-on does not work in version 1.15 beta due to a bug in the beta version. This will be resolved by Mojang in the next beta!
I keep holding the screen but neither of the hats can be equipped in Android!
Does it work