Published on February 19, 2019 (Updated on April 07, 2019)

Vinuz City [Creation]

Hey guys. I started building this city 1 year ago and I then I had a break for a few months before I came back to finish building the city. In this city you can find mansions, a police station, many different houses and much more. I will do many updates in the future and you can suggest to me what to build next.

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  • New Casino building
  • New firestation
  • Some new houses
  • New shop


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Hey guys, update coming soon!
Omg!!! Looks Awesome! Btw may you please add new buildings such
As A Hospital, School, and A Park place please :3
Nice! But I will not download because it’s 134.58MB so it will take long hours because I’m using iPad.
I really liked the map

builds a school
Hey I'am starting to build a new neighbourhood with a new school as well so wait for The future update!!!
Cool! Can't wait to see how far you have come ^^
This map sucks very small the skyscrapers look trash u didn’t even put floors to give the towers some depth and is very unfinished I would recommend finishing your first to before you put your world up for download
Welp saw u updated it but, I probably can take a peek because I do not want to upgrade to 1.10
It was so you could add onto it. Before you judge people’s creativity, try having some of your own.
Nice one.
He should be ashamed
Love this!! Do you have a link to the city life add on??
Love this!! Do you have a link to the packs you used for this map?
I will finnish inside in the future updates
Not sure if your the real one.
You look like that you copied him.
Make avengers tower
It's a good city, and very nice builds. But I rather like a small city with interior, than a bigger city, with nothing in the houses.
I will do inside... Wait for the next update