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Published on November 02, 2016 (Updated on November 02, 2016)

Vladu11's Lucky Blocks Add-on

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good but the lucky block walks now and acts like a husk but still has lucky block texture and drops all of the stuff but also could use an update if you could.
Yes you are right
This creator has moved onto focusing on marketplace content. This means he will no longer update this Addon. However, there are numerous lucky block addons that are compatible with the current Minecraft version.
So I didn’t get a normal lucky block I got a moving and fighting lucky block wich is a husk but I still like the mode
It crashed when I broke it
Works perfectly on windows. Awsome mod!
The block floats like the heigh of the a zombie and speaking of zombie it does the zombie roar it scared me at first but now, Zombie you can roar all you WANT Ohh diamonds
Still fun tho!
Can u make bad things happen too, cos that’s the whole point of lucky blocks.
Bad or good?
Can you add wells beacons dragon eggs other horse armor chest with stuff. sorry for so many things,but it would make the block much better
Princess Consuela April 09, 2018 at 4:36 pm
The block floats could you fix that please? Thanks!
Hey developer, the pack doesn't work on my device it just gliches my game out
I can spawn a husk but it does not result in a lucky block.
This always works for me it's a good addon to.
This always works for me it's a good addon to.